Remote regions, white ice floes, green tundra

The Land of the Cold

Imagine your adventure just like the pioneers, gold diggers, trappers or intrepid reporters. Welcome to The Land of the Cold.

Meet penguins, walruses, polar bears and the magnificent Siberian tiger. There are buffalo close by, and if lucky come across some prancing mustangs.

On foot, on horseback or even by hydroplane, we set off to explore these vast regions, kingdoms of ice, arctic tundra, wetlands and dark pine woods. The scene is set for you to play out the heroic stories of your childhood.

Projects by the Pairi Daiza Foundation

Together for the animals

The Mökki


Lunch at the Mökki promises to be an unforgettable taste experience, because local and seasonal products are creatively prepared and elegantly served.

At lunchtime you can enjoy a 2 or 3 course lunch of refined dishes.

Please note that the Mökki function as first come, first served for lunch, without reservations, in the evening dinner is only open to visitors upon reservation.

The Restaurant has the shape of an inverted ship. It’s a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and a true reflection of the traditional ‘stavkirke’, typical medieval wooden churches from Norway.




The Izba is located on the edge of the lake at Pairi Daiza, in The Land of the Cold.

This beautiful carved wooden structure, inspired by Russian architecture, serves as a cozy restaurant.

The lovely terrace is inviting on sunny days.


Penguin Bar


The Penguin bar, located in the Ice Cave where our penguins reside in The Land of the Cold, is a magical spot. It’s the perfect place to take a break and savor delicious cocktails and tapas. All while watching the antics of the penguins.


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