Gentoo Penguin

The Leaping Gentoo Penguin captivates with its black and white plumage and wings shimmering with golden reflections, adding a splash of color to the subantarctic shores. Master of aquatic acrobatics, it performs graceful dives and impressive leaps above the icy waves, catching the attention of onlookers. However, despite its agility, the Leaping Gentoo faces environmental challenges, underscoring the importance of preserving its marine habitat to ensure the continuation of this unique natural spectacle.

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Keyfacts about the Gentoo Penguin

55 cm

Average Height

2,2 kg

Average Weight

33 days

Hatching period


Identity Card

  • Name: Leaping Gentoo Penguin
  • Scientific Name: Eudyptes chrysocome
  • Origin: Subantarctic islands
  • IUCN Status: Vulnerable
  • CITES: —

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