Our vision

Pairi Daiza Foundation

We believe in the power of wonder, love, and respect for life, in the need for spiritual renewal, for a new alliance between humanity and nature, based on love and respect. We believe in a societal project based on hope, the promise of a better world, love, respect, and beauty. We believe in a world where respect and love for life are central.

Our projects

Since its inception, the Pairi Daiza Foundation has supported 26 projects worldwide for the benefit of endangered animals. It has, among other things, planted 11,000 trees in Borneo to restore the habitat of orangutans, reintroduced 1 Bearded Vulture in the Verdon, cared for and released 1 Olive Ridley turtle in the Indian Ocean, studied the reproductive behavior of 7 female giant pandas, devoted 35,000 hours to the care of abandoned or confiscated reptiles, reintroduced over 1,000 Yellow-bellied toads in Wallonia, and reintroduced 20 Spix’s macaws in Brazil after more than 20 years of extinction in the wild.

Our projects around the world


Our missions are carried out through projects in Belgium and around the world.


Our partners


The Pairi Daiza Foundation’s partners, whether NGOs or associations, work in the field, in the four corners of the globe, to protect endangered animals. Working together, we combine our efforts to bring to fruition the various projects supported by the Foundation, thereby making a significant contribution to the protection of the most vulnerable species.


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