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Enjoy unlimited access to Pairi Daiza for 12 months! The membership card is designed as a warm invitation to become part of the big Pairi Daiza family. This family brings together everyone united by a love for animals.

The Pairi Daiza membership card will now be valid for 365 days from your first visit, excluding a few days when Pairi Daiza is closed. For example: a member whose first visit is on February 13, 2024, will have their membership card valid until February 11, 2025, inclusive.

The first visit must take place within six months following the purchase of the membership card. Otherwise, the membership card will be automatically activated six months after the purchase date, with its validity of 365 days (excluding a few days when Pairi Daiza is closed) starting from that day.

TIP: You can buy or renew your membership card directly here, online, on our website. It’s faster than at the Garden’s counters. Whether it’s your first purchase or a renewal, you will receive your temporary subscription by email a few minutes after your purchase; the Garden’s gates will then be directly open to you! You will later receive your definitive membership card by postal mail, a few days later.


Children (3 to 11 years old)

  • Extension of a children's membership card

    95,00 €(*)

  • New children's membership card

    105,00 €

  • Extension of a PMR children's membership card

    85,00 €(*)

  • New PMR children's membership card

    95,00 €

Adults (12 to 64 years old)

  • Extension of an adult membership card

    105,00 €(*)

  • New adult membership card

    115,00 €

  • Extension of a PMR adult membership card

    95,00 €(*)

  • New PMR adult membership card

    105,00 €

Seniors (65 years old and over)

  • Extension of a seniors' membership card

    101,00 €(*)

  • New seniors' membership card

    111,00 €

  • Extension of a PMR senior membership card

    91,00 €(*)

  • New PMR senior membership card:

    101,00 €


  • Parking annual subscription

    34 €

(*) To benefit from the preferential rate, the Member must extend their Membership Card no later than the expiration date of their Card. The extension is possible both at Pairi Daiza’s counters and on our website, at least six weeks before the end of the validity period of a Membership Card.

A more advantageous Membership Card


Your Membership Card will allow you to enjoy many benefits:

  • You will get discounts in our shops on selected items.
  • You will have access to your Pairi Daiza train ticket at a reduced price.
  • A 10% discount will be granted on your immersive stay at the Pairi Daiza Resort. Please note, the offer is only valid when an adult in the booking is a subscriber.
  • You have access to all festive periods (Carnival, Easter, Summer, Halloween, Winter Time) at no extra cost.
  • Being a member of Pairi Daiza also means benefiting from advantageous discounts at partner amusement parks (Grottes de Han, Efteling, Nausicaa, Toverland, PlopsaParcs).
Avantages Membres de Pairi Daiza dans les parcs partenaires

How to become a member?


It is possible to become a Member of Pairi Daiza during your visit to the Park. Visit the Ticket Office to meet our teams and formalize your commitment with us. Membership to Pairi Daiza is also possible online, via our webshop.


Become a Pairi Daiza Member

From 105 euros/year

Enjoy Pairi Daiza as many times as you like, with its gardens changing with the seasons and its activities, for 365 days, with the exception of the few days it’s closed in January and February. And enjoy many other benefits and discounts!

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