The philosophy of Pairi Daiza

Pairi Daiza is involved in several programs for the conservation of endangered species and heritage

Preservation of many endangered species

Scientific mission


Since its foundation, Pairi Daiza has been committed to the conservation of endangered species, including birds, mammals, fish, and reptiles.

The love for animals and the fight against animal suffering are at the heart of our actions. The Pairi Daiza Foundation has defined five priority missions that drive it and mobilize its community to take concrete action in favor of biodiversity:

  1. Preserving endangered habitats
  2. Protecting endangered species
  3. Supporting scientific research
  4. Collecting reptiles and amphibians
  5. Valuing natural heritage

These missions are realized through projects carried out both in Belgium and around the world.

European Endangered species Programme

Pairi Daiza and EAZA


Pairi Daiza has been a member of EAZA (the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums) since 1994,which groups together 400 institutions.

The initiation objective was to promote international cooperation for the conservation of endangered species,including establishment in the EEP programmes. Pairi Daiza actively participates in about 40 of these programmes; including the European sea eagle (Red Sea) and the Siberian cranes.

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The acronym EEP (three life-saving letters) stand for: European Endangered species Programme,(European program for endangered species, established by EAZA, the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums). You will find this acronym at the lodgings of various animals. The EEP sign means that concrete measures have been taken to protect these endangered species. Animals with EEP classifications are only representatives of the nature around and they serve to remind us of the urgent need to protect these animals.

Zoos and parks that participate On the EEP program assisting zoos and parks combine their efforts in addition. Pairi Daiza actively participates in several breeding programmes.

Preservation of our heritage

Nature and architecture - 850 years of history


The fantastic scenery at Pairi Daiza was shaped through eight centuries of turbulent history.

It certainly is worth your while to take a moment to appreciate this rich past and in particular the remains of the original Cistercian Abbey.

Your journey will take you along the high entrance gate, the graceful well, the crypt, the abbey tower, the monumental staircase and a chivalrous tomb.


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