Our mission

Pairi Daiza Foundation

We believe in the power of wonder, love and respect for living things, in the need for spiritual renewal, for a new alliance between humanity and the living world, based on love and respect. We believe in a vision of society based on hope, the promise of a better world, love, respect and beauty. We believe in the emergence of a world where respect and love for the living world will be at the heart of everything.

Our mission

The mission of the Pairi Daiza Foundation is to promote respect and love for the living world by recognising the beauty and diversity of all forms of life on earth. We are committed to cultivating understanding and empathy towards all living beings. Our role is to promote scientific research, education, the protection and restoration of nature, and innovation. By raising awareness, we are contributing to the emergence of a balance between all living beings for future generations.

Chairman and Founder of Pairi Daiza

Eric Domb


At Pairi Daiza, our journey begins with admiration for the infinite beauty of life in all its forms, which evolves into deep love, transforms into sincere compassion, and takes concrete form through active mobilisation. Every action we take in support of the Pairi Daiza Foundation is a step on this journey, a call to protect and preserve our world for future generations.


4 priorities

The Pairi Daiza Foundation has defined 4 priorities that drive it and mobilise its community to take concrete action in favour of biodiversity:

1. Support research: Contribute to scientific knowledge of the living world.

Protecting animals also involves science. Supporting research programmes makes it possible to make many scientific advances that benefit endangered species. The Pairi Daiza Foundation supports ex situ research programmes as well as in situ projects in the natural environment of endangered species.

2. Protect & restore : Protecting and restoring habitats to save threatened species.

By protecting the habitat of a particularly endangered species, we are actually lending a helping hand to an entire ecosystem. More than 8 out of 10 animal species in danger of extinction are affected by the fragility or even destruction of their natural habitat. The main cause: human activities, including deforestation. Protecting habitats means conserving and rehabilitating them so that species can recolonise naturally. Each species is essential to the balance of ecosystems. Elephants, gorillas, pandas, orangutans, etc. According to the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), almost one species in three is currently classified as endangered and may one day disappear altogether. The protection of endangered species aims to reintroduce animal and plant species into their original biotope, but also to protect endangered animals in the wild.

3. Save & protect: Taking in and caring for animals in danger

The Pairi Daiza Foundation refuge. Our refuge makes it possible to take in reptiles and amphibians abandoned by private individuals or, in some cases, seized. Located in the heart of the park, it takes in several hundred protected animals every year. By offering them a living environment compatible with their very specific needs, we help to limit the number of animals abandoned in the wild and the appearance of invasive species, which are terribly harmful to local flora and fauna. The Pairi Daiza teams devote 4,400 hours a year to caring for these animals.

Geraldine’s heaven”, a care centre dedicated to wild animals found injured in the wild. The Pairi Daiza Foundation is delighted to be joining the Walloon CREAVES network (Centre de Revalidation des Espèces Animales Vivant à l’Etat Sauvage – Centre for the Revalidation of Animal Species Living in the Wild) and thus taking action for the wildlife of Wallonia. Located at the new entrance to the Park, the Pairi Daiza Foundation’s CREAVES provides surgery, hospitalisation and nursing for wild animals found injured in the wild, in collaboration with other CREAVES. The CREAVES are centres approved by the Walloon region to take in, care for and, after rehabilitation, release into the wild injured or sick indigenous wild animals taken in by humans.

4. Awakening and raising awareness: Awakening and raising awareness of respect and love for the living world


Pairi Daiza Foundation

Arctic Ambassador - Polar Bears International


The title of “Arctic Ambassador” has been awarded to the Pairi Daiza Foundation by Polar Bears International, the largest international organisation for the protection of polar bears and their environment. This means, firstly, that the polar bears at Pairi Daiza are given the best possible welcome to their territory in Terre du Froid. The Park’s many efforts in terms of sustainable development at all levels of its activity have also demonstrated Pairi Daiza’s commitment to the fight against climate change. But that’s not all: the Pairi Daiza Foundation is also committed to the future of polar bears in the Arctic, as well as other species in the region. The Foundation supports the conservation, education and research efforts of Polar Bears International, in particular by studying the impact of climate change on the way of life of polar bears in Hudson Bay, Canada.

Project polar bears
Pairi Daiza Foundation

Bronze award for Best Panda Charity


At the Giant Panda Global Awards 2019, Pairi Daiza was nominated in 5 categories: “Baby Panda of the Year” with Bao Di and Bao Mei, “Panda Care Team of the Year”, “Vet of the Year”, “Panda Moment of the Year” with the birth of the twins last August and “Best Panda Charity”. In the end, it was the Foundation that walked away with the trophy!

Project giant pandas

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