Terms and Conditions of Sale

Tickets, Membership Card, and Animal Adventure

The agreements between the buyer and Pairi Daiza are fully and exclusively governed by these terms and conditions, notwithstanding any contrary provision appearing on any document issued by the customer and expressly accepted by Pairi Daiza.

2.1 The price of tickets/Membership Cards/parking subscriptions is indicated on our website in euros, all taxes included. Special conditions (partnership with other parks, large families, etc.) will only be applied at the Pairi Daiza ticket offices on the day of the visit. Any gratuities granted will only be provided at the Pairi Daiza reception desk.

2.2 Anyone requesting a special rate (disabled, senior, child) must be able to prove their legitimacy with an official document when passing through the entrance control or when purchasing their Membership Card/ticket at the Pairi Daiza ticket offices.

Entry is free for children under 3 years old during the visit. The child category includes individuals between 3 and 11 years old. The adult category includes individuals between 12 and 64 years old. The senior category includes individuals aged 65 and over during the visit.

When purchasing tickets/Membership Cards/parking subscriptions online, the buyer is required to follow all steps. During the process, the buyer will need to provide specific information that is necessary for managing their order. The buyer confirms that this information is correct and up to date. The buyer registers with a password, which allows them to save their data.

Once saved, this data will enable them to make future transactions more quickly and to review previous and completed orders. The ticket buyer takes all necessary precautions to keep their password secret. Pairi Daiza does not disclose your password to third parties.

Processing of personal data

In the context of the online sale of ticket(s)/Membership Cards/parking subscriptions by Pairi Daiza to the buyer, Pairi Daiza will process the personal data of the buyer provided by them during the online purchase, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (hereinafter the GDPR) and as outlined below.

Legal basis for the processing of personal data

In accordance with the GDPR, Pairi Daiza’s processing of the buyer’s personal data is justified by the performance of Pairi Daiza’s contractual obligations and, where applicable, by the performance of pre-contractual measures taken at the request of the buyer, as well as by the pursuit of Pairi Daiza’s legitimate interests such as the processing of customer records, compliance with various legal obligations, and various administrative, contact, and organizational procedures carried out with the buyer by Pairi Daiza.

Processing for customer and commercial management purposes

Pairi Daiza collects and processes personal data (such as, but not limited to, identification and financial data) for customer management purposes (including, among others, online purchase management, administration, and billing). With the customer’s consent, Pairi Daiza also processes personal data for prospecting and commercial promotion, commercial statistics, satisfaction surveys, and for sending marketing campaigns and personalized advertisements. Consent for the processing of data for commercial prospecting purposes may be withdrawn at any time and at no cost by the buyer by sending an email to Pairi Daiza’s data processing responsible person in the administration department at the following address: [email protected] or by phone at the following non-premium rate number: +32 (0) 68 250 850. If applicable, the buyer may also withdraw their consent by following the instructions provided in the satisfaction survey or advertisement sent by Pairi Daiza.

Access to Data, Rectification, Erasure, Objection, and Portability

The buyer has the right to access their data and may rectify them if they are inaccurate or incomplete. They can also request the deletion of their data and limit their processing in cases provided for by applicable regulations. The buyer can also receive their data in a structured format and, in accordance with the right to data portability, have them transmitted to another company. To exercise the aforementioned rights, the buyer can send an email to Pairi Daiza at the following address: [email protected] or by phone at the following non-premium rate number: +32 (0) 68 250 850.

Data Retention Period

The buyer’s personal data will be retained: when processed for customer management purposes: for the period necessary to execute the contract for the reservation of tickets/Membership Cards/parking subscriptions and/or additional activities in the park for a period of one (1) year from the end of the reserved service, unless further retention is necessary to meet certain legal obligations; or when processed for commercial prospecting purposes: for a maximum period of two (2) years from the end of the reserved service, unless further retention is necessary to meet certain legal obligations.


In the context of the processing of their personal data by Pairi Daiza, the buyer has the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority. (Rue de la Presse, 35 in 1000 Brussels – [email protected])


6.1 Issuance

After payment acceptance, the ticket is printable via our booking site as well as to the email address provided during the ordering process. It is issued in PDF format.

6.2 Validity of Entry Ticket and Parking Ticket

To be valid, your ticket must be printed in portrait mode, on a blank, white A4 sheet. Each purchased entry corresponds to one ticket. Our printable tickets at home are equipped with a unique barcode. The validity of the tickets is checked and recorded at the entrance using barcode readers. It is impossible to be admitted multiple times with the same ticket. Only the first person to present the ticket will be allowed to enter Pairi Daiza. They are presumed to be the legitimate holder of the ticket. Therefore, it is prohibited to reproduce, duplicate, or counterfeit the ticket in any way, or to make it available for such purposes. Keep your ticket in a safe place. Use only the official Pairi Daiza website to purchase your ticket. Never accept a ticket offered to you by a stranger, as it could be a copy. The ticket holder may be a different person from the buyer.

These same provisions apply to the parking ticket.

6.3 Issuance

The visitor does not have the right of withdrawal, as the contract specifies a specific execution date, in accordance with Article VI.53, 12° of the Economic Code.

7.1 Issuance

After payment acceptance, and within a period of 6 working days (for Belgium), the Membership Cards are sent by postal mail. The delivery time may be longer for foreign countries. In case of loss of the card, a fee of €5 will be charged for reissue. Pairi Daiza is authorized to replace the physical support of the membership card with another support offering the same guarantees, in digital or printable format, without additional mandatory fees for the holder.

7.2 Validity

The Membership Card is valid for 365 days from your first visit, except for the few closing days of Pairi Daiza. For example: the holder of a Membership Card whose first visit would take place on April 13, 2023, will see their membership card valid until April 12, 2024, inclusive. The first visit must take place within six months following the purchase of the Membership Card. Otherwise, the Membership Card will be automatically activated six months after the date of purchase, and its validity of 365 days (except for the few closing days of Pairi Daiza) will start on that day.

A temporary access in the form of a printable file containing a barcode is valid for 15 working days from the purchase. It is sent electronically upon completion of the purchase, to cover the period until the receipt of the Membership Card.

For identification and tariff justification reasons, the Membership Card must include the name, first name, date of birth, and photo of its holder. All this personal data is requested during the purchase via the Pairi Daiza website.

The Membership Card must be presented at each checkpoint. Any member not presenting their personal card and, upon request from a staff member, a document justifying the identity of the cardholder, will be denied entry.

The purchase of a PMR subscription is only possible at the Pairi Daiza counters. To benefit from the preferential rate, the person must provide an official and valid document proving their disability.

An official document may be requested at the checkpoint for child and senior Membership Cards.

7.3 Parking subscription

The parking subscription is valid for 365 days, for a single passage per day. It is linked to a definitive adult Membership Card, and the holder must be in the vehicle. The temporary parking subscription (barcode) is valid for 15 working days from the purchase. The parking subscription is valid for a single passage per day. It will be presented at the exit gate of the parking.

7.4 Age of the Member

The holder of a Membership Card benefiting from a preferential rate enjoys this rate throughout the validity year, even in case of change of age category during the current validity period.

By exception, Membership Cards granted at the preferential price for PMRs will only be for disabilities of indefinite duration, determined at the time of issuing the Membership Card.

8.1 Pricing

For “Animal Adventures” activities and guided tours, the price of the activity does not include the entrance fee to the Park. The entrance ticket must be purchased separately. The price of the “Keeper for a Day” activity includes Park entry, lunch, and parking ticket.

8.2 Modification/Cancellation

By the Park: In case of veterinary intervention, unavailability of animals, or if the minimum number of participants required for the activity is not reached, the Management, the keeper, and/or the guide reserve the right to modify the program or cancel the activity. In the latter case, you will be contacted (by phone or email), and a new date will be proposed to you or, if applicable, a full refund will be made.
By the visitor: Upon justification of inability to attend the activity (compelling reason such as illness, hospitalization, death) sent by email to [email protected] (for “Animal Adventures”), [email protected] (for the “Keeper for a Day” experience), or [email protected] (for guided tours) at least 2 working days before the visit, the reservation may be rescheduled, but only based on the availability of the current season. If the justification is not received within this period of 2 working days before the visit, no refund or rescheduling will be possible.

If you have purchased a ticket for a child as part of an “Animal Adventure” and this child does not meet the required age to participate in the activity, entry to the activity may be refused, as the practical information for these experiences clearly states that the activity is not accessible below that age. No refund or rescheduling of the activity will be possible in this case.

If you have mistakenly made a double booking for these activities, no refund will be possible. Rescheduling may be considered depending on availability of the season if your email reaches us within 48 hours after the booking and at least 2 working days before the activity. After this period, no rescheduling of the activity will be possible.

In the exceptional case where a refund would be accepted for any of the activities, administrative fees of €5 per ticket will be deducted.

8.3 Health

The person participating in the activity certifies that they are free from any illness (cold, sore throat, etc.), injury, and allergy (forage, hay, straw, dust, hair, feathers, etc.). Some of our animals are very sensitive to germs.

8.4 Liability

Like any activity involving contact with animals, “Animal Adventures” and the “Keeper for a Day” experience carry a potential risk of injury or accident, despite all precautions taken. Participation in these activities will not expose you to any more risks than our keepers, but an incident is unfortunately always possible. By accepting these safety rules and practical information, you agree to participate knowingly and waive the right to bring legal action against Pairi Daiza in the event of an incident occurring during the activity.

We would like to remind you that by validating your order, you are obligated to pay the indicated price. You must make payment for your purchases on our website using a bank card (Bancontact, Maestro, Visa, and Eurocard, Mastercard – Bancontact is not available for Animal Adventure). The debit from your bank account is independent of the use of the tickets. In any case, the tickets are paid for even if you forget to print them. The payment receipt cannot serve as an entry ticket. A fee of €0.50 will be charged for any ticket printing purchased through our website.

Insofar as possible, Pairi Daiza endeavors to inform visitors of any disruptions to Park activities, primarily through publications or updates to the agenda on its website. This is solely aimed at avoiding inconvenience, without it being recognized as a right to compensation, refund, or reduction in the event that disruptions have not been mentioned through such channels.

If entry to the Park becomes impossible before the activity start date due to an external event that affects Pairi Daiza, except in cases of force majeure, you will be notified as soon as possible and offered a reservation modification via email.

You then have the option to:

1. Request a full refund of your day ticket(s) in writing, without penalty or fees, within ten calendar days following the first day of the park’s reopening; for Animal Adventure activities, resolution and refund of your reservation must be requested in writing within seven days from the initially agreed activity start date.
2. Accept the proposed modification by Pairi Daiza. You must communicate your choice to Pairi Daiza in writing as soon as possible.

If an external cause or condition prevents you from accessing the Park, whether physical (visitor accident, road closure, etc.), social (transport strikes, etc.), or legal (access limitations imposed by public authorities), no refund or rescheduling will be due if the essential services of the stay are still offered by Pairi Daiza. The limitation of non-essential services and facilities of Pairi Daiza due to weather, botanical or zoological circumstances, construction works, or any force majeure event does not entitle you to a refund or rescheduling of the service. This includes lack of access to certain parts of the Park, certain services, or certain animals.

In the event of force majeure preventing Pairi Daiza from fulfilling all or part of its contractual obligations, Pairi Daiza’s obligations are automatically suspended, and it cannot be held responsible for non-performance. When such an external event occurs, characterized by being both unforeseeable and insurmountable, Pairi Daiza will offer you a voucher corresponding to the value of the stay or activity initially booked to be used at a later date instead of the unfulfilled service, subject to availability. Strikes or general or specific social actions at Pairi Daiza, medical, health, safety, or weather circumstances posing a risk to Pairi Daiza’s activity or its clientele, or any public injunction to close or limit Pairi Daiza’s activity for any reason, are assimilated to force majeure cases.

None of these refund or modification conditions apply to Members’ Cardholders. Exceptional closures, limits on daily or periodical access, or limitations on park activity, even if prolonged, do not entail compensation or extension of the validity of the Membership Card. In accordance with measures imposed by competent authorities in the context of the fight against the spread of COVID-19, Pairi Daiza cannot be held responsible for having to limit, for an indefinite period, the number of visitors accepted per day and organize its implementation, for example, by imposing a preregistration system and reserving a share of entries for visitors. The impossibility for a member to book a visit or visit the Park due to exceeding the accepted number of visitors per day does not entail compensation or extension of the validity of the Membership Card.

Entry tickets are valid for a single entry check on the date specified on the ticket. An unused ticket will not be refunded or exchanged.

Membership cards are valid for as many visits as desired during the 365-day validity period, excluding periods of closure. An unused subscription will not be refunded or exchanged.

These terms and the contractual relationship are exclusively governed by Belgian law.

Pairi Daiza reserves the right to privatize the garden for a maximum of 3 days during the season. The Garden will therefore not be accessible on those days.



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