Pairi Daiza Experiences

Privileged moments in close contact with the animals

The Pairi Daiza Experiences offer you the chance to get up close with fascinating species and discover the behind-the-scenes of Europe’s most beautiful animal park. These are intimate moments where you can realize your dream by spending privileged time alongside your favorite animals.

At Pairi Daiza, 4 types of experiences are offered:

  • The « Animal Adventures”: the thrill of a lifetime with the opportunity to participate in feeding our little protected ones
  • The “Little Nature Whizzes” workshops (ages 7 to 14): an immersive week alongside iconic species to become a true actor in biodiversity protection in French!
  • The experience “Keeper for a Day“: dive into the behind-the-scenes of the profession for a day in the daily life of the park.
  • The Guided tours by Pairi Daiza experts.
Meet and greet the animals

1. Animal Adventures


Pairi Daiza launches “Animal Adventures”: exclusive encounters with your favourite animals.


During the Animal Adventures, get up close to fascinating species such as Asian elephants, squirrel monkeys, tapirs, Steller’s sea lions, reptiles, and even giraffes.

During these privileged encounters with the animals and their keepers, you’ll learn more about their habits in the park and in the wild!


NEWEST in English and French: Elephant lunch. We offer a new immersive experience for children. More info via the link below.

Animal Adventures
For children

2. Little Nature Whizzes


Workshops (ages 7 to 14): an immersive week alongside iconic species to become a true actor in biodiversity protection in French.

Workshops «Petits Futés de la Nature»
The ultimate behind-the-scenes experience

3. Keeper for a Day


Pairi Daiza offers you the chance to experience an intimate day meeting some of the park’s iconic species.

Dive right into the behind-the-scenes of the park and into the daily lives of the keepers by preparing meals for our little protected ones and participating in the care they receive.

Caretaker for a day
We are happy to develop guided tours in English!

4. Guided tours


Discover Pairi Daiza, the Best Animal Park in Europe, through a unique visit. On the agenda: observing our new protected species, exploring surprising places, immersing yourself in captivating legends, marveling at different cultures, and raising awareness of the Foundation’s projects.

An educational and captivating experience to discover Pairi Daiza like you’ve never seen it before.

Guided Tours

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For any questions, we can be reached from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm and from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

TEL : +32 (0) 68 250 833


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Missions of the Pairi Daiza Foundation

Learn more about the mission and projects of our international Pairi Daiza Foundation!

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