Taking action to protect the natural habitat of polar bears

The polar bear, an iconic animal of the Arctic, is heavily dependent on sea ice for movement, feeding, and reproduction. Unfortunately, Arctic sea ice is threatened by climate change: its surface area is decreasing by 12.85% every 10 years! Additionally, the once pristine landscapes of the Arctic Circle are increasingly affected by human activities: oil and gas extraction, transportation, and tourism are all sources of pollution and disruption. This alarming situation classifies the polar bear as “vulnerable” according to the classification of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.


Indeed, one of the most critical regions!

The Pairi Daiza Foundation is involved in protecting wild polar bears alongside Polar Bears International (PBI), the world’s largest organization for the protection of polar bears and their habitat. We support a scientific research project to assess the impact of climate change on the lives of polar bears in Hudson Bay (Canada). How are their health, feeding behavior, and movements affected by the drastic changes in sea ice? These are urgent questions that need to be answered to secure the future of this species.


Arctic Ambassador

Pairi Daiza and its Foundation are also recognized as “Arctic Ambassadors” by PBI. This title emphasizes the quality of our facilities for polar bears, our commitment to fighting climate change, and our efforts to raise awareness about the threats to biodiversity.


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