682 reptiles and amphibians were rescued in 2023

Temperature, nutrition, care, … Reptiles and amphibians have very specific needs, often insufficiently considered by individuals who choose to keep them at home. Add to that the remarkable life expectancy of some species, and unfortunately, we see many cases of neglect. In addition to the consequences for the individuals left to their sad fate; those abandoned in the wild also have a tremendously harmful impact on local fauna and flora.


A second life for the rescue center of the Pairi Daiza Foundation

The Pairi Daiza Foundation is dedicated to rescuing abandoned or confiscated reptiles and amphibians, while also raising awareness among the public about the challenges and requirements of keeping these species adequately as pets. Since its establishment, hundreds of animals are entrusted to the rescue center each year. Following a necessary quarantine period to prevent potential contagious diseases, the reptiles and amphibians receive careful treatment and acclimate to their new living conditions. Generally, it’s rarely feasible to reintroduce seized or abandoned animals back into their natural habitat. However, the rescued animals, especially those of endangered species, can participate in a breeding program, thus contributing to the conservation of their species.


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