Building a maternity ward for orphaned chimpanzees in the Democratic Republic of Congo

We share 98% of our genes with the chimpanzee. Yet, this primate is a victim of poaching for meat and the pet trade, as well as habitat degradation. Chimpanzees are therefore classified as “endangered” by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).


Nature as the ultimate destination

The J.A.C.K. Primate Sanctuary in Lubumbashi has the mission to combat this trafficking, to care for and rehabilitate confiscated animals, and ultimately to reintroduce them into the wild in a protected area. Awareness-raising is also an integral part of the sanctuary’s activities, aimed at reducing the trade in primates.


How can we ensure the survival of orphaned chimpanzees?

The Pairi Daiza Foundation has been supporting J.A.C.K. since 2022. Several nurseries have already been built to house the young orphaned primates at night (during the southern winter, temperatures can drop to 5°C). Our assistance has also contributed to enhancing the security of the site by installing surveillance cameras.


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