Since 2019, CAP48 and the Pairi Daiza Foundation have been supporting the Nos Pilifs farm in implementing various projects for bird protection

In 2019, nest boxes with 69 cavities for sand martins (Riparia riparia) were built by Nos Pilifs and installed along the banks of the Brussels Canal.

Sand martins build their nests in cavities excavated in the sandy banks of rivers or water bodies. They lay their eggs in chambers accessible through a tunnel about fifty centimeters long. Human activity and concrete banks contribute to their disappearance. The nest boxes in Brussels artificially mimic this natural configuration. This technique, a first in Belgium, is inspired by a successful experience in England.

In 2021, the first breeding pair was observed in these installations, an exceptional event as no broods had been observed in Brussels for about forty years.

  • In 2022, a bird observatory was built at the Nos Pilifs farm, allowing visitors the opportunity to observe birds in the park. An old chicken coop was also converted into a “drink station”, an observation spot where birds can drink. Finally, educational panels invite young and old alike to learn about the birds.
  • In 2023, 10 sparrow poles were installed in several Brussels municipalities. These structures, four meters high and each with three nesting boxes with four cavities, provide valuable shelters for the house sparrow (Passer domesticus). This species is slowly disappearing from our cities, mainly due to the lack of cavities (old eaves, building scaffolds, etc.) essential for their nesting. These sparrow poles, manufactured by the carpentry workshop of the Nos Pilifs farm and installed with advice from Moineaux & Biodiversité, should therefore provide a real boost to these birds!

The Nos Pilifs farm provides meaningful and valuable work for 145 people with disabilities.


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