The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear moves with majesty through the frozen landscapes of the Arctic. With its thick fur, it adapts to the harsh conditions of its habitat, using its strength and agility to hunt seals and fish. As a symbol of the vulnerability of the Arctic ecosystem to climate change, the polar bear embodies the delicate beauty of the far north of our planet.

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Keyfacts about the polar bears


Individuals in the wild

300 kg

Average weight

235 days

Gestation Period



  • Name: Polar bear
  • Latin name: Ursus maritimus
  • Origin: Arctic regions, islands and ice floes surrounding the North Pole
  • IUCN status : Vulnerable
  • Cites : Appendix II

Les soeurs

  • NukaFemelleArrivée en mars 2020
  • QilakFemelle Arrivée en mars 2020

Les frères

  • BeliyMâleArrivé en juin 2020
  • SeriyMâleArrivé en juin 2020
Pairi Daiza Foundation

Polar Bear International: Arctic Ambassador


The title of “Arctic Ambassador” has been awarded to the Pairi Daiza Foundation by Polar Bear International, the largest international organization for the protection of polar bears and their environment!

Being an Arctic Ambassador is first and foremost a recognition. This means that the 3 polar bears in Pairi Daiza are kept in optimal conditions, in their territory of the Land of the Cold. Their living space was indeed presented to one of the experts at Polar Bears International and got his full approval. The Park’s numerous efforts in terms of sustainable development (water treatment, waste, short circuits and energy production) have also proven Pairi Daiza’s commitment to the fight against global warming. .

Receiving this title of Arctic Ambassador is also a commitment. Pairi Daiza and the Pairi Daiza Foundation are committed to ensure the survival of polar bears in the Arctic, as well as that of other species in this region. How? By placing the fight against global warming at the heart of concerns, in the daily life of the Park but also by making visitors aware of the threats to biodiversity and the actions that everyone can put into practice.

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