The King Penguin

The King Penguin, with its majestic silhouette and imposing presence, reigns over the subantarctic islands and southern coasts. Displaying a plumage of understated elegance, this seabird moves with a noble stride on land, while in the southern waters, it transforms into an agile swimmer in search of fish and squid. Despite its stately demeanor, the King Penguin faces environmental challenges, emphasizing the need to protect its marine habitat.

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Keyfacts about the King Penguin

90 cm

Average Height

13,5 kg

Average Weight

54 days

Hatching Time


Identity Card

  • Name: King Penguin
  • Scientific Name: Aptenodytes patagonicus
  • Origin: Subantarctic islands
  • IUCN Status: Least Concern
  • CITES: —

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