Stem cells for the conservation of wild animal species

Since 2022, Pairi Daiza has joined its efforts in the conservation of wild animals with those of Revatis, a spin-off from the University of Liège specialized in cell therapy and regenerative medicine. An innovative technology developed by Revatis enables the cultivation of stem cells from muscle biopsies of just a few milligrams. While this process has already been successfully applied to numerous domesticated animal species, the collaboration with Pairi Daiza has facilitated the collection of multiple samples from wild animal species, such as bison and various felids, during already scheduled anesthesia procedures for other care for these animals.

The results of these samples are promising, allowing for the preservation of genetic heritage, the development of new therapeutic applications, and studies on energy metabolism to be considered. They also offer significant potential for research, particularly for species where in vivo studies are challenging. In the long term, these cells could even contribute to the reproduction of endangered species, offering hope for biodiversity conservation.


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