More marvels in The Land of the Cold


Penguin Cave


At the heart of Pairi Daiza, an immersive experience awaits visitors: the penguin cave. Immersed in the cool, mysterious atmosphere of a coastal cave, visitors discover a fascinating world where penguins live in their natural habitat.

In this meticulous replica of the penguin environment, visitors can watch these adorable creatures swim gracefully through the crystal-clear water or bask on the rocks.

The joyful calls of the penguins fill the air as they communicate with each other, adding a touch of life to this enchanting setting. Visitors can also learn more about these fascinating seabirds from information panels scattered around the cave.

In this way, the penguin cave becomes a place of discovery and wonder, where visitors can get closer to nature and learn more about the wonders of marine life. It’s an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression, reminding everyone of the importance of preserving and protecting the natural habitats of these fascinating species.




This seaplane (Beech 18) arrived in 2015 from Vancouver and is now part of the Pairi Daiza landscape. This jewel will have travelled more than 9,500 kilometres before landing on 7 July 2015 on the Eau d’Heure lakes and finally ending up on the Park’s waterfront.

Its converted hangar will soon be open to the public, to the delight of connoisseurs and young dreamers alike.


The Train Workshop


This identical reconstruction of the railway workshops from the 1920s will feature a large collection of steam locomotives, freight wagons, diesel locomotives, etc. This is a living collection from the Pairi Daiza Foundation.

The workshop is fully operational, and it was here that the various restorations were carried out by the Park’s team of train enthusiasts. The two steam locomotives in operation, the Brigadelok and the Las, dating from 1917 and 1954 respectively, carried more than 210,000 people during their first season in the park, in 2015.


The collection Inuit Objects


In the recesses of Pairi Daiza, a cultural treasure awaits you: the collection of Inuit objects. Carefully assembled, these artefacts bear witness to the richness and diversity of Inuit culture, the nomadic people of the Arctic regions.

Among the items on display are ivory sculptures depicting the flora and fauna of the Arctic, and ritual masks recounting the ancestral legends of this people. Traditional hunting tools, such as harpoons and kayaks, recall the ingenuity and mastery of the Inuit in their hostile environment.

Each object tells a story, a way of life forged by millennia of adaptation to an icy, unforgiving world. Visitors are invited to contemplate these cultural treasures with respect and admiration, and to discover the incredible ingenuity and profound spirituality that characterise Inuit life.

Pairi Daiza’s collection of Inuit artefacts offers a window onto a distant and fascinating world, reminding visitors of the rich cultural diversity of our planet and the importance of preserving and celebrating these precious legacies.

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