The Land of the Cold

Remote regions, white ice floes, green tundra

We start to imagine that we are pioneers, gold diggers, trappers or intrepid reporters. Welcome to La Terre du Froid, where we will soon meet penguins, walruses, polar bears and the magnificent Siberian tiger. There are buffalo close by, and if we’re lucky we might come across some prancing mustangs. On foot, on horseback or even by hydroplane, we set off to explore these vast regions, kingdoms of ice, arctic tundra, wetlands and dark pine woods. The scene is set for us to play out the heroic stories of our childhood.

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American Bison

With its stubborn appearance, this strapping bovine can weigh up to a ton and measure 1m80 at its withers.
It is at ease even in the harshest cold (down to -30°C) thanks to the thick collar of fur around its neck and on its shoulders.

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