The fluttering of wings, a pervasive sense of history, sweet fragrances and peaceful gardens


From the moment you set foot in Pairi Daiza, there are so many things to tickle your curiosity and interest. As you walk around you will feel a growing sense of wellbeing and contentment that will stay with you long after your visit is over. Cambron-Abbey sets the bar very high – up in the sky with our feathered friends!

Projects by the Pairi Daiza Foundation

Together for the animals

La Brasserie / The Brewery


The Park Brewery is the reconstruction of the Monastery Brewery, dating back to 1775. It has always been a dream to revive the beer from the Abbey of Cambron, and today, that dream has come true.

Belgian-French Gastronomy

This place is both a manufacturing site and a restaurant! The beer – blonde, white, brown, and cherry – is brewed on-site, following the ancestral recipe. The brewing is under the guidance of the specialists from the Hainaut Dubuisson Brewery, which is globally recognized.

Immerse yourself in time, with a warm atmosphere and modern decor.




The Oasis restaurant offers typical Belgian dishes in self-service. Enjoy your meal among the birds and tropical plants.

The Oasis is a giant greenhouse (7,000m²)

whose roof opens in fine and warm weather and closes when the weather is gloomy or cold, but always lets in the light of day. Its restaurant is nestled in the lush forest and surrounded by exotic trees, cacti and flowers, with the susurrus of a waterfall, the cries of a rufous hornbill, overflown by a dizzying array of birds and, if you have the patience to look for it, a sloth hanging high above.

Find a variety of typical Belgian dishes (stews, meatballs, etc. accompanied by Belgian fries, pasta or rice) but also desserts, cold dishes and children’s meals.

Not to be missed

The steam train


Get on board for the tour of the worlds

Set off in an authentic steam train, on a genuine old-fashioned railway track!

It has a 60 cm rail gauge, narrower than the “normal” size, with a genuine little steam locomotive pulling beautiful 1st class open cars behind it at a gentle speed of 7 km/hour. You will travel a circuit of more than two kilometres which crosses all of the southern part of Pairi Daiza, skirting the ponds, passing through the Australian world, the lemur island, from the volcanoes with the gorillas, and the hippo pool.

The line will then bypass the walls of the old abbey, skirt the savannah with the elephants and the great plain of the American bison and pass the Russian restaurant Izba and behind it, the Park’s seaplane, and the warehouse and train maintenance workshop (which you can visit and so discover the railway machines, tools and accessories, all period objects which are authentic and used as such by a team of aficionados of the lovely old-time mechanisms) before finally returning to disembark opposite the Brasserie de Cambron.

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