The "Jardin des Mondes"

As the main tourist attraction in Belgium and voted "Best zoo in Europe", Pairi Daiza allows you to travel through the five continents and get to know more than 7,000 animals. Pairi Dazia also received three stars in the Green Michelin Guide. You cross the path of walking elephants, you can feed countless animals, you come face to face with leopards, lions, gorillas, pandas, white tigers, orangutan, etc. Since 2019 it is also possible to stay overnight at the Pairi Daiza Resort, where you can spend the night whilst obersving the polar bears, walruses, steller sea lions, Siberian tigers, wolves or bears.

The Kingdom of Ganesha

Just like being in Indonesia.

The Temples, dwelling places of the gods. Sacred architecture at the service of man and the deities they worship: Ganesha, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu and Buddha. Lush vegetation, wonderful Thai craftsmanship and stunning views of elephants, white tigers and mischievous macaques. We explore the infinite riches of the Indonesian archipelago and the countries of Southeast Asia. It’s like entering a whole new world – and enchantment is guaranteed.


The Middle Kingdom

The lessons of the East, in the heart of ancestral China.

When China awakes, it gives us the most beautiful mornings in the world. Amongst respect for tradition, ancestral customs and profound wisdom, we discover a fascinating civilisation where the giant panda has stolen the show from the legendary dragon. Here, harmony reigns supreme and the enchanting gardens reflect a culture that has made beauty its hard-and-fast rule. The ringing of a bronze bell barely disturbs the serenity of this wondrous place.


The Land of the Cold

Remote regions, white ice floes, green tundra.

We start to imagine that we are pioneers, gold diggers, trappers or intrepid reporters. Welcome to La Terre du Froid, where we will meet penguins, walruses, polar bears and the magnificent Siberian tiger. There are buffalo close by, and if we’re lucky we might come across some prancing mustangs. On foot, on horseback or even by hydroplane, we set off to explore these vast regions, kingdoms of ice, arctic tundra, wetlands and dark pine woods. The scene is set for us to play out the heroic stories of our childhood.

Cambron l'Abbaye

Cambron - Abbey

The fluttering of wings, a pervasive sense of history, sweet fragrances and peaceful gardens.

From the moment you set foot in Pairi Daiza, there are so many things to pique your curiosity and interest. As you walk around the zoo you will feel a growing sense of wellbeing and contentment that will stay with you long after your visit is over. Cambron-L'Abbaye sets the bar very high – up in the sky with our feathered friends!

Cambron sur Mer


The World of Silence comes to the château.

Air, water, earth. At Cambron-sur-Mer, you can be a seabed explorer, an intrepid diver or a long-distance sailor. Embark on a strange and enchanting journey into the heart of a castle and uncover all its secrets. Amazing discoveries, incredible fish and stories of the deep that will delight young and old alike. And what could be nicer than a spot of sunbathing on the beach of our inland sea?

La Terre des Origines

The Land of Origins

Africa, cradle of our civilisation. Rhythms, shapes and colours.

In our collective imagination, Africa occupies a special place. Its evocative power is all-encompassing and its magic intact. Here we find big cats, majestic beasts and amazing primates. They have their territory and we have ours. But brotherhood was established, in the shadow of the huts of a builder people, virtuosos in ethnic art. We have everything to learn from the Country of Origins. This is where it all began, let’s never forget that.


The Southern Cape

Antipodean mystery and intrigue.

From these distant lands, the cradle of the world, rise strange cries and melodies that are unlike anything heard elsewhere. The soil is red, populated by creatures that appear to be straight out of prehistoric times. Feast your eyes on wildlife and flora from Tasmania, New Zealand, Australia and New Guinea and let yourself be overwhelmed by its wild extravagance and beauty. Covered with deserts or fertile lands, the Southern Cape is the story of the human adventure on the move.

La Dernière Frontière

The Last Frontier

A sacred land surrounded by the grandeur of nature, a place where you can now sleep and dream.

Indian totem poles carved with animal figures, brown bears, black bears, pumas, elk, wolves, beavers and sea lions...we are in British Columbia and southern Alaska. Unique hotel offers provide us with a wonderful experience in this New World, the Pacific coast of North America. Accommodation options in the heart of Mother Nature, for a rare and privileged communion with the residents of the Last Frontier. We are now citizens of Pairi Daiza!