From Saturday, March 30th, the season of eggs and giant rabbits begins at Pairi Daiza. The Garden is in bloom (over 500,000 bulbs were planted by our gardeners in the fall...), newborns are showing their noses, and... egg hunts begin, with beautiful prizes at stake! Join us in the Enchanted Animal Kingdom to celebrate spring with us!

Here is the program we present to you...


Discover 19 giant eggs

At Easter in Pairi Daiza, there are monumental decorations, presented in the eight worlds of the Garden. Visitors and residents will be able to admire, among other things, 19 eggs measuring 3 meters in height decorated by Belgian illustrators. These artists, Aldomak, Joëlle Daniau, Dominique Mague, Corinne Ministeri, Orlando Kintero, Sarah Vestris, and Caroline Hoc, drew inspiration from the Park's worlds on which their eggs are placed. These works, of which 6 are never seen before, will be visible from Saturday, March 30th until May 12th.

Giant rabbits in the Park

The traditional 1-meter-tall steel rabbits will be back in the Garden. And this year, they will be accompanied by hens and chicks! Custom-made decorations thanks to the local company Quintessence.

An egg hunt every day!

From Saturday, March 30th, until Friday, April 26th, several dozen colorful eggs measuring 60 cm high will be scattered throughout the Park. It's up to you to find them! On 11 of them, you will find a golden letter. Then, it's up to you to find the 11-letter mystery word and communicate it to us via your smartphone on the contest form available on the Pairi Daiza app! Every day, a participant who finds the mystery word will win delicious chocolates prepared by our partner Milka!

As the icing on the cake (chocolate 😉): an additional question will allow us to differentiate all participants in the egg hunts who have returned their form between March 30th and April 26th. The prize here: a stay for 4 people in a Full Moon Lodge!

An egg tree

It has become a tradition at Pairi Daiza: one of the oak trees in the Garden near the Abbey Tower has been decorated with colorful eggs. But how many are there? 100? 200? 500? Even more are announced... Can you count them all? The tree will be visible until April 26th.

Special feedings for certain animals

During the Easter weekend, some animals in the Garden will also enjoy a special egg hunt. Their caretakers will hide food in their habitats by concealing it under seasonal objects, such as eggs. This is another opportunity to arouse the curiosity of the animals, an essential element for their daily well-being in the Park.