The Middle Kingdom

The lessons of the East, in the heart of ancestral China

When China awakes, it gives us the most beautiful mornings in the world. Amongst respect for tradition, ancestral customs and profound wisdom, we discover a fascinating civilisation where the giant panda has stolen the show from the legendary dragon. Here, harmony reigns supreme and the enchanting gardens reflect a culture that has made beauty its hard-and-fast rule. The ringing of a bronze bell barely disturbs the serenity of this wondrous place.

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Giant Panda

The WWF’s emblematic animal, the Giant Panda has become the symbol of “Endangered” animals. There are now only about 1,600 of them left, spread over 64 nature reserves in central China, in the mountains of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu. And there are very few of them in zoos.

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Red Panda

It’s a big as a large cat, and its food is varied, above all bamboos which it finds in the forests of the high mountains of Nepal, Burma and China, but it also eats fruit, eggs and little animals.

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