Dear visitors, You will find below the answers to the questions which people often ask the reception staff in Pairi Daiza.


How much does a ticket for admission to Pairi Daiza cost?

Prices are available via the following link.

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How much does a Pairi Daiza season pass cost?

Prices are available via the following link.

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Are there preferential rates for children?

Entry to the Jardin des Mondes is free for children up to 2 years old. Preferential rates are offered for children aged 3 to 11.

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Are there preferential rates for senior citizens?

People aged 60 and over receive preferential rates.

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Are there preferential rates for people with reduced mobility?

Yes, people with reduced mobility receive preferential rates. Visitors with a disability must be able to evidence their status with an official document.

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Are there preferential rates for teachers?

There is no discount on the admission charge to Pairi Daiza with the Prof Card or the Lerarenkaart (teacher’s card).

Access and Parking

When is the Park open?

Pairi Daiza is open every day from February 13 (2021) to November 11 (2021) and from december 18 (2021) to January 9 (2022).

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How do I get to Pairi Daiza?

Pairi Daiza is located at the following address: Domaine de Cambron 1, 7940 Brugelette. If you visit us by car and you have GPS, you can encode the address “Le Domaine 1 - 7940 Brugelette” or “Rue de l'Abbaye - 7940 Brugelette”. Access to the Park is signposted.

Can I get to Pairi Daiza by train?

Pairi Daiza is close to Cambron-Casteau train station, on the Ath-Mons line. There is a 900-metre pedestrian path which brings you to the Park. There are no means of transportation between the train station and Pairi Daiza. SNCB offers combined “Train + Admission to Pairi Daiza” excursions.

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Is there car parking available?

A chargeable car park is available (9 euros).

Can I visit Pairi Daiza with a camper van?

You are allowed to stay for one night in the Pairi Daiza car park. The parking ticket (9 euros) should then be purchased on the second day of your visit, and this will allow you to exit the car park. There is no access to water or electricity in the car park.

Can I bring my baby with me to Pairi Daiza?

Of course. The Park’s toilets are all equipped with changing tables. And in each of our catering points we make microwaves available to parents.

Is Pairi Daiza accessible for people with reduced mobility?

Yes. Only five places are inaccessible to pushchairs and wheelchairs: the “hanging bridges”, the Giraffe lookout”, the “Cabinet of Dr. Yu”, the “the Craftsman’s House” and the “Crypt”. Wheelchairs are available free of charge at the Pairi Daiza reception office, subject to availability and provided they are reserved at least 3 days before the visit. You can reserve a wheelchair on 0032(0)68250820 or 848 or by emailing A map of the Park specifically for people with reduced mobility is offered free of charge at the entrance to the Park, when tickets are being inspected.

Are bicycles and scooters allowed in Pairi Daiza?

For reasons of safety and in order not to disturb our visitors, bicycles and scooters are not allowed in the Jardin des Mondes.

Are dogs allowed in the Jardin des Mondes?

No. For your safety and the well-being of our animals, dogs and other pets are not allowed. There are no kennels available. If you have a guide dog / assistance dog, it is essential that you contact us no later than 48 hours before your visit on 0032(0)68250820 or 848.

Map of the Park

Is a map of Pairi Daiza available?

Yes. A map is given to visitors free of charge (one per family) when tickets are being inspected at the entrance. This map is also available on our website.

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Can I get something to eat in Pairi Daiza?

There are various dining options available at Pairi Daiza, for all tastes and budgets. Picnics are allowed in Pairi Daiza. Both covered and uncovered facilities are available to you.

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Entrance tickets

How do I buy entrance tickets for Pairi Daiza?

Please note that in accordance with governmental decisions, the sale of tickets at the entrance is temporarily suspended.

You can buy your entrance tickets on our website. Tickets bought on the internet should be printed out (one A4 page per ticket) or displayed on your smartphone. If you have any problems ordering your tickets online, you can contact our customer services department on 0032(0)68498496 or by email at

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I have bought an entry ticket. Can I convert it into a season pass?

Yes. You can “convert” your entry ticket (bought online or at the Jardin cashier desks) into a season pass, and you will receive a refund for your day ticket. Conversion of your ticket into a season pass can only be done on the day of your visit, by going to Pairi Daiza's ticket desks. Anyone wanting to obtain a season pass in replacement must go in person to the ticket desk.

Season passes

How do I buy a Pairi Daiza season pass?

You can buy your season pass on our website or at the Jardin des Mondes cashier desks on the day of your visit. When you renew your season pass your existing card is automatically reactivated when your payment has been accepted. For new subscriptions, the season pass is sent within six business days of your purchase (ten days if the recipient’s address is outside Belgium). If you have any problems confirming your season pass online, you can contact our customer services department on 0032(0)68498496 or by email at

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Do I need a photo for the season pass?

Yes. You will have to upload it yourself when buying via the internet. This has to a personal photo of you, front-on view. At the ticket desk we upload your photo from your identity card or, failing that, we take your photo on the spot.

For how long is the season pass valid?

The season pass is valid for the full 2021 season : You have access to Pairi Daiza from March 20, 2021 until November 11, 2021 AND from December 18, 2021 until January 9, 2022.

Can I visit Pairi Daiza if I have not yet received my season pass?

When you subscribe to a season pass online, a “provisional ticket” is attached to the confirmation email that you will receive upon acceptance of your payment. It is possible to visit the Jardin des Mondes by presenting this “provisional ticket” (printed on A4 paper or displayed on your smartphone) at the Jardin reception desk.

Can I take out a season ticket for the car park?

A “Parking” subscription is available for the single price of 32 euros. The parking subscription allows only one entry per day to the Pairi Daiza car park.

What are the advantages of a Pairi Daiza season pass?

The Pairi Daiza season pass allows you to have access to the Jardin in your own time, throughout the entire season. It also offers discounts on the entry charges to partner parks, as well as discounts in our shops. Button

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What should I do if I have lost my season pass?

If you have mislaid your season pass, you can go to the Pairi Daiza reception, where a duplicate will be printed for you. You will be asked to pay 3 euros to cover the printing of your second season pass.

Payment methods in the Park

What payment methods are allowed in Pairi Daiza?

We accept euros and the following cards: Visa, Credit Cards, International French Carte Bleue (via Visa), Bancontact/Mister Cash. €200 and €500 notes are only accepted at the Jardin reception.

Are cheques accepted at Pairi Daiza?

Sodexo and Edenred “Sports and Culture” vouchers and French ANCV holiday vouchers are accepted for the purchase of entry tickets or season passes, only at Pairi Daiza cashier desks. **As for all visitors to Pairi Daiza, beneficiaries of sport and culture vouchers (sodexo/edenred) and ANVC vacation vouchers must also book their visit. They must therefore purchase their tickets on our website ( On the day of their visit, in the park, our teams will redeem these vouchers (paper only) between 2:00 and 6:00 pm. **


Is there accommodation at Pairi Daiza?

Yes, it is possible to spend the night in Pairi Daiza. Various types of accommodation are available in the Jardin des Mondes.

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Lost items and left-luggage storage

What should I do if I have lost a valuable item in Pairi Daiza?

“Lost” items found by the Pairi Daiza teams are kept at the reception desk, where they are available for collection for one month. The Pairi Daiza reception can be contacted on 0032(0)68250848 or via e-mail at

Are there left-luggage facilities available to store bags?

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

Can I rent a cart?

Carts can be rented at our shop for €5/day. €10 will be required as a warranty.

Hire of wheelchairs

Can I hire a wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are available free of charge at the Pairi Daiza reception office, subject to availability and provided they are reserved at least 3 days before the visit. You can reserve a wheelchair on 0032(0)68250820 or 848 or by emailing

Regulations and Security

Can I take photographs at Pairi Daiza?

Yes. However any photos taken during your visit within the grounds of Pairi Daiza must only be used within the immediate family circle. Pairi Daiza is a private domain, and any commercial or professional use of photos taken in Pairi Daiza must be subject to prior written request and approval. Selfie sticks are not allowed.

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Can I take my wedding photos in Pairi Daiza?

Yes. Pairi Daiza offers free admission for newlyweds (in their wedding clothes) to the Jardin des Mondes along with a maximum of three companions, for up to two hours maximum. These photo sessions must be arranged to take place after 2 p.m., and must be booked at our reception desk. Information: by phone on 0032(0)68250820 or 848 or by emailing People who have a season pass cannot use it for the purposes of wedding photos.

Are security checks carried out at the entrance to Pairi Daiza?

Yes. For security reasons, Pairi Daiza reserves the right to inspect, either visually or using specific equipment (e.g. metal detectors), clothing and personal effects at the entrance to the Jardin and within the grounds of the Park. In particular, it is forbidden to bring into Pairi Daiza any illegal substances, dangerous substances, alcoholic beverages, glass bottles, dangerous objects (including any type of offensive weapon, of whatever category) and any type of object or toy which may resemble a firearm, which might endanger the safety of visitors.

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Collection of exotic pets

Can Pairi Daiza take charge of my pet?

The Pairi Daiza Foundation, which specialises in looking after reptiles, has a centre in Pairi Daiza. How to entrust animals to us?

The refuge only welcomes reptiles and amphibians. Before you can entrust an animal to us, please contact us by e-mail :

We will take note of your request and send you an e-mail with the practical details for receiving the animals.

Pairi Daiza can only accept reptiles, and no other animals.

Jobs and Internships

How can I apply to work for Pairi Daiza's teams?

We offer new job opportunities on a regular basis. These can be viewed on our website.

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Can I work as a trainee or intern in Pairi Daiza?

Any requests for internships should be addressed to us by completing the form available on our website.

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