Steller Sea Lion

The Steller sea lion, also known as Steller’s sea bear, is an impressive marine species recognizable by its colossal size and thick fur, primarily inhabiting the rocky shores of the North Pacific, where it captivates with its majestic presence.

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Keyfacts about Steller Sea Lion

1,5 m

Average Size

500 kg

Average Weight

334 days

Gestation Period


Identity Card

  • Name: Steller Sea Lion
  • Latin name: Eumetopias jubatus
  • Origin: Northwestern North America and northeast Asia
  • IUCN-status: Near threatened
  • Cites: —


  • MiraiMaleArrived September 2019
  • IcyFemaleArrived June 2019
  • KiskaFemaleArrived June 2019


  • SunnyFemaleBorn June 2020
  • AslanMaleBorn May 2022

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