The marvels of Cambron-by-the-Sea


The Castle


Once a 19th-century neo-Gothic residence, this historic castle has been reimagined to offer visitors an immersive experience, blending history with the fascinating underwater world.

This captivating aquarium, at the heart of Pairi Daiza, offers a deep-sea journey where visitors can explore marine life through underwater tunnels, interactive pools, and educational exhibitions. The castle itself retains a majestic aura, now enriched by the magic of the oceans. It’s a unique fusion of history, architecture, and marine discovery.


The Wedding


The “Wedding”, a work by Tom Frantzen, evokes a romantic and timeless atmosphere. Surrounded by an enchanting setting, this picturesque fountain is an iconic spot where visitors can share special moments.

Adorned with delicate details, the Fountain is imbued with symbolism, and sometimes irnoy. The crystal-clear waters reflect the tranquility of the place, inviting visitors to pause for a moment and celebrate love within this fairy-tale setting.


The Playground


A paradise for children! Here is the outdoor playground, bustling with unmatched joy from the little ones at noon and in the evening! And for good reason: a giant spider web to climb, slides, swings, nets, tunnels, climbing walls, and other games entertain them.

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