The Giant Pandas twins born on August 8 in Pairi Daiza have a name!

Following Chinese tradition, the time has come to find a name for the Giant Panda babies born on August 8 in Pairi Daiza. Internet users have expressed their preferences amongst the proposals made by His Excellency Cao Zhongming, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Kingdom of Belgium and by the team of panda keepers in Pairi Daiza.

Now that they are 100 days old, it’s time to give the official names to this second and third baby of Xing Hui (a 10-year-old male which name means “Shining Star”) and Hao Hao (a 10-year-old female, which name means “The Kind One”). They arrived in 2014 in Pairi Daiza. Nearly 73,000 people voted, and it was the duo Bao Di ("little brother of Tian Bao" for Baby Boy) & Bao Mei ("little sister of Tian Bao" for Baby Girl) who won. The public has therefore opted for names that express continuity. Choosing Bao Di and Bao Mei also means remembering Tian Bao, their big brother born in Pairi Daiza on June 2, 2016.

If the panda twins keep developing well, our zoological director and Chinese expert Mr. Guo Li (the expert who was sent by China to Pairi Daiza) should give the authorization to Bao Di and Bao Mei to leave the nursery and discover, accompanied by their mother, their territory, visible to the public. This should be possible from December 14, when Pairi Daiza reopens its doors.

The Pairi Daiza Foundation and Jella Wauters study...

The reproduction of giants pandas.

The giant panda is a fascinating and endangered animal... The Pairi Daiza Foundation supports Jella Wauters' work to understand the mysteries of this unique process and thus preserve this extraordinary species.

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The diary of Baby Girl

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen that Baby Girl likes to share her story with us. Below, you can find all her adventures in her diary ! The diary is available in french or in dutch.

Good reading !

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Incredible news for this vulnerable species !

On August 8th, 2019, Hao Hao gave birth to... two giant Panda babies. Exceptional news for the species' preservation program!

Hao Hao and his twins Baby Boy and Baby Girl are currently in their maternity ward, out of sight and under the constant supervision of their caregivers.

With this double birth, Pairi Daiza now welcomes 5 giant Pandas. The males Xing Hui (father of the three babies born in this Garden) and Tian Bao (born in June 2016) are visible to visitors.

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