Pairi Daiza Resort

Ideas and activities

A few activities and ideas for an unforgettable stay at the Pairi Daiza Resort!

Whether you’re looking for exciting adventures or relaxing family time, we’ve put together a varied selection of activities to make your stay as rewarding as it is memorable. Explore our suggestions and start planning your getaway to the heart of nature and the magic of Pairi Daiza.

Caretaker for a day

Immerse yourself in the world of Pairi Daiza’s carers and discover the secrets of their profession.

The ‘Caretaker for a Day’ activity lets you follow and help a caretaker for a day in our Garden of the Worlds.

Caretaker for a day

Stay at the best price?

Pairi Daiza Resort offers lower prices at certain times of the year.

You will find details of the very high, high, medium and low season booking days below.

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