• Pairi Daiza is on private land. The following provisions/rules are intended to allow all our visitors to experience an unforgettable day.
  • The rules are based on courtesy, safety, respect for others and respect for the environment.
  • Each visitor is deemed to know the Garden’s regulations and must abide by them. These regulations are also available in the Reception Office.


  • All motor vehicles are prohibited in the Garden, except those belonging to Pairi Daiza.
  • The car park may only be entered via the lanes envisaged to that end. The car park may only be exited via the lanes envisaged to that end. Speed is limited to 20 kph and pedestrians have absolute right of way.
  • Home staff is envisaged to help you to park your car in an orderly manner. We kindly request you to follow their instructions.
  • Any place occupied in the Pairi Daiza car park has to be paid for. Parking tickets are available from the Garden’s various cash points or from the ATM beneath the entrance porch. The parking tickets will then be used at the exit of the car park in the terminal envisaged for this purpose.
  • Leaving a vehicle in the car park during the night is forbidden. If this were to happen nevertheless, Pairi Daiza SA would be obliged to have the vehicle removed at the owner’s expense. If the vehicle has broken down, please inform the Reception Office.
  • Camping or barbecuing on the Pairi Daiza land is forbidden.
  • Properly lock your vehicle and do not leave any objects of value in view. Pairi Daiza S.A. cannot be held liable for any theft, damage or accident of or to a vehicle in the car park.
  • Do not leave pets in a vehicle or a coach.


  • The Garden may only be accessed as follows:
  • During the Pairi Daiza opening period and times.
  • With a valid official entry document, acquired in the normal way. This entry document will be checked and/or invalidated by the appropriate staff. Beware of tickets on sale on websites other than Pairi Daiza’s. It could well be a con. Our tickets may not be “resold”.
  • Via the duly indicated entrance.
  • Any person trying to enter the Garden in any other way will have to pay the adult entrance price. Lack of collaboration shall be sanctioned by a refusal of entry to Pairi Daiza for the entire season.
  • Persons whose refusal to the Garden has been notified will never again be allowed to enter it.
  • No sold ticket will be taken back or exchanged. Once the ticket has been bought, the purchaser shall accept it without possibility of discussion. Lost tickets are not replaced.
  • Management reserves the right to change its prices at any time (entry to the Garden, restaurants, etc).
  • If the ticket has expired, management reserves the right to refuse entry to the Garden without compensation for the day in question.
  • Pairi Daiza reserves the right to visually inspect or to check with specific devices, visitor’s clothes, coats and personal belongings before entry and/or inside the Garden. Access may be refused to any person refusing to comply with this inspection.
  • Please note that the following items may not be brought into the Garden:
  • All illicit or hazardous substances, alcoholic beverages, glass bottles, dangerous objects (particularly any offensive or defensive weapons of any type) or objects that appear to be weapons or toy guns (also including toy blasters, squirt guns, etc.), that could endanger visitor security in the Garden, are prohibited.
  • Any items that may disturb other visitors (vuvuzelas, loud speakers, horns).
  • Handheld camera/cell phone extension poles, such as selfie sticks.
  • Any recreational devices such as drones and remote control toys.
  • Any items that we may deem harmful, disruptive or inappropriate.
  • Animals are not allowed into the Garden. Cycling, rollerskating, skateboarding, rollerboarding and any other means of transport (except for pushchairs, little carts and wheelchairs) are also forbidden. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult for ticket purchase and entry to the Garden. Please supervise children at all times.
  • In the event of a problem with a group (vandalism, rowdiness, etc), management reserves the right to expel the entire group from the Garden. Pupils must remain under the supervision of their teachers. All children under 18 years old, remain under the responsibility of their parents or their legal guardian who are therefore liable for the damages their children may cause.
  • Pairi Daiza is not a playing field: children can let off steam in the adventure playgrounds envisaged for that purpose.
  • The Pairi Daiza management reserves the right to withdraw the seasonal subscription (membership card) at any time if there is a valid reason.
  • Management reserves the right to limit, refuse entry or evacuate Park due to peak attendance, for any safety reasons or in case of “force majeure”.


  • All bicycles and motorbikes are prohibited in the Garden, except those belonging to Pairi Daiza.
  • Bicycles can be left at the entrance of the Garden at the bicyle parking. All visiting cyclists are obliged to leave their bicycles there and to padlock them.
  • For safety reasons, using roller blades, bicycles, scooters or any other recreational means of transport, whether fitted with an engine or not, is not allowed unless medically required and evidenced to an employee by showing a medical certificate.
  • Carts can be rented from the shop for 5€/day. 10€ will be required as guarantee.
  • Wheelchairs are available free at the reception, on prior reservation. An identity card will be required as guarantee.
  • As part of the fire prevention process, pushchairs (“buggies”) are not allowed in the Aquarium buildings, on the Mersus Emergo, or in the Crypt. They must be left at the indicated place. Do not leave any item of value in them.
  • Pairi Daiza SA cannot be held liable for any theft or damage of or to any wheelchairs, carts or pushchairs left in the Garden.


  • Pets are not allowed into the Garden.


  • Abandoning objects on the Pairi Daiza land is forbidden.
  • Suspicious abandoned objects shall be removed by Pairi Daiza or by the police.
  • Pairi Daiza SA cannot be held liable for theft of or damage to objects abandoned in the Garden.


  • Our visitors are asked to dress appropriately and to wear clothes that are suitable for the Garden. At least a shirt or a Tee-shirt, Bermudas, shorts or a dress must be worn, as well as shoes.
  • Proper dress is required at all times, and top and bottom garments, as well as footwear, are to be worn. We also reserve the right, at our own discretion and at any given time, to refuse a visitor the right to wear any type of costume, makeup or tattoo, especially if it is likely to offend, shock or scare children and a family-orientated public, that Pairi Daiza would consider as inappropriate or if it would impede the operation. Clothing that drags the ground is prohibited. The same rule applies for accessories considered to breach security or be a danger in our attractions (capes, sticks etc.).
  • For safety reasons, the only visitors authorized to wear clothing covering their face completely are those doing so for medical reasons. Costumes and masks may not be worn by any visitors ages 12 or older (unless required for medical purposes). When worn by younger visitors, masks must provide unobstructed peripheral vision at all times with openings that allow the eyes to be fully seen.
  • The non-respect of this dress code may prevent access to the park.
  • Private special events may have specific guidelines, which can be find in publicity or information materials relative to the event.
  • Pairi Daiza reserves the right to refuse access to any person whose behaviour poses a threat to the safety of other visitors or themselves, or to the attractions or shows areas.
  • In the interest of our visitors and for safety reasons, the following are forbidden: (this list is not exhaustive and can be supplemented in the light of Pairi Daiza’s needs):
  • Smoking in buildings and places where No Smoking signs are displayed:
  • Presenting oneself at the entrance of the Garden or being inside it in a state of inebriation (more than 0.5gr per thousand);
  • Bringing noisy musical appliances into the Garden;
  • Bringing knives, fireworks and/or other explosive materials into the Garden, or selling them;
  • Bringing, consuming or dealing drugs in the Garden, being in a state of drug intoxication or encouraging others to consume them;
  • Distributing or displaying printed or other matter, or taking polls without the prior agreement of the Pairi Daiza management in writing;
  • Damaging or removing objects that belong to Pairi Daiza, to the staff or to other visitors to the Garden;
  • Importuning visitors and/or Pairi Daiza staff members by preventing them from doing their work;
  • Committing vandalism of any kind, or taking part in the formation of gangs on the Pairi Daiza land;
  • Making speeches, conferences or propaganda, receiving contributions, making collections or begging for free objects, exchanging them or putting them up for sale without Pairi Daiza’s prior agreement in writing ;
  • Going into buildings or along service paths even when they were not occasionally closed;
  • Any visitor infringing this clause (Clause 7) shall be excluded from the Garden with no possibility of discussion or compensation;
  • Persons whose entry to the Garden shall have been prohibited can no longer return, and shall under no circumstances be able to seek compensation.
  • The covered aeras of the Garden are non-smoking. Pairi Daiza asks visitors to only smoke near the ashtreys along the paths of the Garden,


  • All visitors must leave the park at closing time, otherwise their presence would be illegal. Departure from the park is definitive.
  • The visitors who would like to return to the park during the same day are obliged to request a stamp from the controller who will authorise a new entry into the park for that same day.
  • Facility Closing and Late Opening: Certain shows, attractions, parades, restaurants, shops and facilities may open late or be closed seasonally, for adverse weather conditions, safety concerns or for refurbishing. Closures may take place without notice.


  • Visitors are obliged to abide by the instructions of each place, including the raptor demonstration venue, as well the entrance and safety procedures, and those relating to the various practicalities. No discussion or appeal shall be possible.
  • The persons put in charge by Pairi Daiza are responsible for the places that they control. Visitors must comply with the instructions given by the person in charge of the place.
  • In rainy or stormy weather, certain places can be temporarily closed, and raptor flight demonstrations can be cancelled. This is also valid in the event of technical or maintenance-related intervention. The closing of one or more places cannot justify a partial or total reimbursement of the entry ticket.
  • The employee can decide to refuse entry to a place if the visitor fails to abide by the regulations.
  • The visitor must abide by the waiting time of each place and await his or her turn.
  • The entrances, exits and emergency exits of the various places may not be blocked by any object.
  • Each visitor must leave the place at the end of the itinerary. If he or she wants to enjoy a particular place again, he or she will again have to join the queue as stipulated above.
  • The queues finish at the Garden’s closing time.
  • Each show area has a maximum capacity, which for safety reasons cannot be exceeded.
  • If the maximum capacity is tending to be exceeded, the staff member put in charge by Pairi Daiza has the right to refuse the overflow for the show in question, without offering any compensation.
  • Each visitor must await the end of the raptor flight demonstration before leaving the demonstration area.


  • Each visitor to the Garden shall undertake to respect the environment during his or her visit to Pairi Daiza: all litter is to be put into the envisaged and clearly visible rubbish bins.
  • Only the delineated paths and alleys can be followed. Please respect the fences, plants, flowers and lawns. Bathing in the ponds, pools, fountains or rivers is forbidden.


  • With the protection and wellbeing of the animals in mind, a certain code of conduct must be followed. Pairi Daiza reserves the right to exclude any visitor who fails to comply with this clause, without any possible compensation or discussion.
  • Throwing anything of any kind at or around the animals is forbidden.
  • Footballs and inflatable balls are prohibited in the Garden. The birds do not know such colours, such “flying objects”. Do not forget that if they crash into the netting while trying to flee, they can easily be wounded or kill themselves.
  • If a young bird seems to be lost, the best thing to do is to leave it where it is without touching it and to move away. Usually, its parents are not far away and are waiting for a calmer moment to intervene.
  • It is forbidden to feed the animals outside of their feeding times or with food that has not been provided by a member of staff, except for areas equipped with a food distributor adapted for our guests.
  • Taking birds’ eggs or pulling out their feathers etc is forbidden. Such actions can be sanctioned by exclusion from the Garden.
  • In the Oasis: Do not touch the animals: some of them can bite you. Do not tap on the glass: respect the rest times of our guests. Do not smoke in the area reserved for the animals of the Oasis.
  • On the Madidi and Nosy Komba islands: Do not eat or leave any accessible food in a bag or in your pockets.
  • On the mini-farm: Do not take the animals into your arms.
  • In the Aquarium: Do not rub your hands on the glass. Do not smoke. Do not take flash photographs. Do not throw or let anything fall into the open pools.
  • In the Terre des Origines: Do not touch the animals: some of them can bite you.


  • In the Garden, there are several toilets which are clearly indicated. Visitors are obliged to use them conscientiously. It is moreover forbidden to do ones business at a place not envisaged for that purpose.


  • Each visitor is responsible for his or her property. Lost objects can always be deposited at the reception close to the entrance of the Garden, where they will remain available for a month.
  • Pairi Daiza SA cannot be held liable for any theft, damage or accident of or to lost objects.


  • Lost children can always be found at the Garden’s Reception Office by the entrance.


  • The various places for eating and drinking, as well as the prices of such consumption, are clearly displayed at each point of sale. No discussion or recourse is possible concerning those prices.
  • Pairi Daiza insists that visitors ask for a receipt for the meals and drinks that they consume.
  • Meals and/or drinks that have been sold can neither be exchanged nor taken back. As soon as a meal and/or a drink has been bought, the purchaser assumes his or her responsibility.
  • The Pairi Daiza staff member is responsible for the point of sale where he or she is working. The visitor is requested to follow the instructions of the staff responsible for said point of sale.
  • Any person found guilty of theft (or attempted theft) shall automatically be expelled from the Garden. No discussion is possible on this subject and no compensation can be required by the wrongdoer.


  • The assortment of the various shops as well as the selling prices of the various items are clearly displayed in each shop. No discussion or recourse is possible concerning those prices.
  • Pairi Daiza insists that visitors ask for a receipt for their purchases in the shops.
  • Items that have been bought can be neither taken back nor refunded. Once the goods have been bought, the purchaser renounces any discussion on the subject.
  • The Pairi Daiza staff member is responsible for the shop where he or she is working. The visitor is requested to follow the instructions of the staff responsible for said shop.
  • Any person found guilty of theft (or attempted theft) shall automatically be expelled from the Garden. No discussion is possible on this subject and no compensation can be required by the wrongdoer.


  • In the event of fire, accident, escaped animal etc, the instructions of the Pairi Daiza employees or the relevant officials must be followed to the letter.
  • In the event of evacuation, access to the evacuated buildings shall only be possible with the agreement of a Pairi Daiza employee.
  • An evacuation of the Garden is no reason for a partial or total refund


  • Check your change at the till. Later, no claim will be possible.
  • We only accept euros.
  • The other means of payment are : Visa, Credit Cards, the international Blue French Card (via Visa), Bancontact/Mister Cash.
  • 200 and 500 euro banknotes are only accepted at Reception.
  • Cash withdrawal is limited to a maximum of €200.00 and concerns only the visitors to the Garden, who are obliged to present a valid original entry ticket. Cash can only be withdrawn via a Bancontact card. Cash cannot be withdrawn via a credit card.


  • All the pictures you take during your visit in Pairi Daiza ca only be used in a strictly familial sphere. In order to preserve Pairi Daiza’s image, Pairi Daiza being a privately owned park, any commercial or professional use of pictures taken in Pairi Daiza is subject to Pairi Daiza’s written approval. Request for approval are to be sent by regular mail, to Pairi Daiza SA, Service Communication, Domaine de Cambron 1, 7940 Brugelette. A written approval has to be received.
  • Any unauthorized use of pictures shot in Pairi Daiza will expose it’s author to legal prosecutions.