Seminars in a unique and inspiring setting

Combine business and pleasure with bears and penguins

For your seminar (up to 150 people), settle into an extraordinary setting that allows you to combine work, reflection, and fun.

With your colleagues, share a unique professional adventure in a high-end environment that combines comfort and authenticity. At the end of the day, you will also have the opportunity to stay close to iconic animals to enable complete disconnection.


million visitors each year


Immersives accomodations






  • From 10 to 150 guests
  • 121 IMMERSIVE accommodations of high standard close to the animals
  • MEETING ROOMS integrated within the Park
  • A GASTRONOMIC experience at Mökki
  • UNUSUAL LEISURE SPACES near penguins or porcupines
  • ORIGINAL ACTIVITIES such as energizing yoga sessions in the heart of Balinese temples.
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Meeting rooms


At Pairi Daiza, you will find meeting rooms directly integrated into the heart of the Park, within our nine Worlds. Your seminar rooms are fully equipped and adapt to the needs of your group. All the logistics of your day are taken care of by a dedicated team.

Available equipment: touchscreen, flipchart, notepad, ballpoint pen, sound system in some rooms.


Surprising leisure spaces


Indulge in cocktails and mocktails as refreshing as the ice floes! The Penguin Bar is a unique relaxation spot perfect for toasting after a day of visiting the penguins housed in the cave.

Ending your seminar at Pairi Daiza is another option on the Octopus Terrace and in the Lobby of the Paddling Bear hotel.


An Overnight Stay in our Immersive Accommodations


Pairi Daiza Resort invites you to journey and marvel. Discover Europe’s best zoo in immersion; a unique adventure face-to-face with the animals.

The 121 accommodations with views of polar bears, walruses, penguins, Siberian tigers, black bears and deer, wolves and brown bears, and Steller’s sea lions offer a unique and unforgettable contact with nature.

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An Evening in one of our Restaurants


Enjoy an unforgettable evening in the warm and unique atmosphere of our restaurants:

• La Brasserie de Cambron (between 60 and 150 people)

• Le Temple des Délices (between 100 and 300 people)

• Mökki – bistronomic restaurant (up to 80 seats)

• Oasis (between 100 and 600 seats) µ

• Le Dôme (between 500 and 1200 seats)

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Activities to relax, discover, and enjoy.


The Discovery Quiz


A 16-question observation quiz about fauna and flora, with photos of locations to identify.

The quiz is already available in French and Dutch. 


The Mystery Game


Gather a team of 3 to 5 people and explore the park’s 8 worlds through a series of intriguing riddles about the mysteries of animals and the enchanting legends that inhabit our spaces. Throughout the game, take on creative and playful challenges that will test your teamwork and ingenuity.

Flexible experience lasting 2 to 5 hours, followed by an award ceremony. Customization is possible with up to 8 questions about your company for total immersion.


The Tour of Worlds Challenge


Divided into different teams, face off against your colleagues. Our hosts challenge you in team duels. Each challenge will introduce you to places and mysteries of a new world.


Unique ans Sitespecific Animations


Explore unusual activities to boost collaboration and strengthen team bonds! From 20 people, treat yourselves to 1 to 2 hours of unforgettable adventures, tailored for your group.

Upon request, depending on the number of participants. Perfect for team buildings with accommodation. Choose dynamic experiences like the Haka (20 to 100 people), Firewalking, or Ice Sculpting (20 to 200 people) and share unique moments of connection and success together.


Guided Tour


Since the installation of the Cistercian monks, your guide will share countless anecdotes from an estate whose history spans the globe. Discover the surprising history of each stone and unique facts about the authentic territories housing the 7500 animals of the Park. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss the numerous projects the Foundation conducts and realizes through its scientific programs, both in Belgium and abroad (for example, the reintroduction of the Spix’s Macaw into the Brazilian caatinga).


The Steam Train


Hop aboard an authentic steam train on a real old-fashioned railway! Pulled by a steam locomotive, you’ll traverse a circuit of over two kilometers that runs through the southern part of Pairi Daiza, skirting the ponds, passing by the Australian world, lemur island, volcanoes, gorillas, and the hippo basin.


Fish pedicure


At Pairi Daiza, the “Doctor Yu’s Cabinet” features 6 Carrara marble basins where the “Garra Rufa” swim. These small doctor fish, used for millennia both in the Middle East and Asia, delicately clean the feet of visitors in 24° water.

The rooms are adorned with semi-precious stones: labradorites from Madagascar and agates from Brazil…


Animal Adventures


During the Animal Adventures, get up close to fascinating species such as Asian Elephants, squirrel monkeys, tapirs, Steller’s Sea Lions, reptiles, and giraffes.

During these privileged encounters with the animals and their caregivers, you will learn more about their habits in the Park and in the wild!

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We all had a fantastic time in an exceptional place. I followed visitors who expressed the pleasure they had, and what they appreciated most in the end was the serenity of the overall atmosphere.

Everyone we met during this stay always helped us with dedication and a big smile. It’s a real pleasure.

We will certainly have the opportunity to meet again for new exchanges or nature adventures.




Everything went very well. We loved the visit, they all loved it.

The OCTOPUS Room is great for a workshop meeting, the equipment is good, the lighting is good, not too noisy, the restaurant is top-notch!

In any case, we will definitely come back, this time for the more immersive experiences!




The responsiveness, the warm welcome, the great service, the overal kindness of all the staff we encountered. We were accompanied for the two days by Marie who took great care of us.

For all meals, there’s nothing to complain about, and the staff was also attending to our every needs. The guided tour truly made it an exceptional experience for us.

All participants unanimously appreciated our stay at Pairi Daiza. The Christmas decorations were already present during our visit, so there was a bit more festive lighting.

For our seminar group, this was the 15th seminar I organized, and everyone unanimously had an extraordinary experience with this immersion in the animal world.




I wanted to warmly thank you for the wonderful stay we had at Pairi Daiza. Everything was perfect; the park was stunning, the food was incredibly good, the visit and activities were exciting, and the staff was, as always, warm, welcoming, and kind. We truly had a magical time, and both children and adults came home with stars in their eyes!


Contact Us


For any information or to book your day with activities, you can contact us:

TEL : +32 (0) 68 250 844

E-MAIL : [email protected]


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