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Red Panda

Panda roux
A family apart

A long bushy tail as a pillow

This is a species that is difficult to classify : in the family of bears, like the Giant Panda, or rather in that of the Raccoon which it resembles ? It would finally be the only surviving member of a separate family, the Ailuridae. It’s a big as a large cat, and its food is varied, above all bamboos which it finds in the forests of the high mountains of Nepal, Burma and China, but it also eats fruit, eggs and little animals. It is a rather nocturnal animal, sleeping during the day on a branch, with four hanging legs. It lives a great deal in trees in which it climbs with superb agility in every season because it has hairs on the soles of its feet, which enable it to avoid slipping on the icy branches of deep midwinter. It uses its long bushy tail as a pillow and when it is cold enough for hell to freeze over, the Red Panda curls up with its tail all around it to keep warm.

In Pairi Daiza
  • Yushu (male)
  • Mohan (male)
  • Loha (female)
Panda roux
Identification profile

A “endangered” species

  • Name: Red Panda
  • Latin name: Ailurusfulgens
  • Origin: Mountainous forests of Nepal, Burma and China
  • IUCN status: Endangered
  • Cites: Annex I


These red Pandas are adorable and really endearing. I feel a real bond with them, and seeing them again every morning really makes my day...

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