The Full Moon Lodge is the ultimate experience in a setting reminiscent of the wonderful world of Anglo-Saxon tales and legends.

A different world

Sleeping at Pairi Daiza

  • The overnight accommodations are situated in the heart of The Last Frontier.

  • The world The Last Frontier is open 24h/24 to resort-guests.

  • Pairi Daiza opens for resort-guests at 9am (10am for day-guests) until the announced closing time of the park.


A cosy cocoon overlooking brown bears and wolves

Full Moon Lodge is the ultimate experience, in a setting reminiscent of the wonderful world of tales and legends. We enter a parallel world, in the nourishing earth. The bold construction, all of wood and stone clad, is completely covered with soil and vegetation. It offers you a magnificent view of the adjacent forest where bears and wolves live. With a little luck, they will come to observe the residents, driven by their natural curiosity.

The rustic atmosphere is guaranteed, but the roughness is only apparent: everything exudes comfort..

Each lodge is composed of two bedrooms, a living room with fireplace, a bathroom with bubble bath and sauna, a kitchen and a separate toilet. The tables and benches are made in the Belgian Ardennes, the chairs are Canadian and the chandelier is English (with deer antlers fallen naturally ...)!


10 Full Moon Lodges can be found in The Last Frontier.

Each Full Moon Lodge has a surface of 126m2.

The lodge has a capacity up to 6 adults, 1 child and 1 baby.

What is included when staying in a Full Moon Lodge?

Discover all the facilities and services that will make your stay at the Native Village unforgettable.


Starting at 995€*

Indicative price for 2 adults and 4 children (2 days/1 night).

A reduction of 10% is granted per accommodation in which at least one person with a valid Membership Card is staying (Excluding Membership Card 365 Days Child)

*Price subject to change depending on the season, number of guests, age of the guests and the chosen options. For an exact amount, please check our reservation website


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