Make your dream come true by spending a special moment with your favorite animal. Get closer than ever to the species that fascinate you and step behind the scenes of Pairi Daiza... We offer you 3 options, something to delight both young and old!

Contact with the animals

Animal Adventure

Pairi Daiza launches "Animal Adventures": exclusive encounters with your favourite animals.

Get up close and personal with Asian Elephants, Saimïris, Tapirs or Steller Sea Lions and learn a lot more about these exceptional animals!

NEW: Elephant lunch. We offer a new immersive experience for children. More info via the link below.


Become a "keeper for a day" in Pairi Daiza!

In Pairi Daiza it is possible to **take on the role of a keeper for one day **and meet the most emblematic animals in the Park.

Go behind the scenes of the Park and the daily life of the keepers by preparing the meals, discovering what goes on behind the scenes and participating in the daily care of our animals.

Petits futés – Pairi Daiza
Clever kids - children program

A week of adventures in Pairi Daiza for your children.

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