Due to the current health crisis, the activity 'keeper for a day' will not be organized during this 2021 season.

A unique experience

Become a “Keeper for a day”, and have an unforgettable day

Pairi Daiza offers its visitors the chance to discover, from the inside, the work of the keepers in the Jardin des Mondes. An intimate day, and a chance to encounter some of the iconic species in the Park, a day in which you can immerse yourself in the everyday life of the animal keepers, by helping to prepare the meals for the animals and finding out what it’s like behind the scenes, by playing a part in the care provided to our residents. Just going backstage is already exciting. But as a “Keeper for a day” you become an actor in the drama!


One-day programme (subject to change)

  • 08h45 : Arrival of the "daily animal keepers" at Pairi Daiza Park and reception (in front of door 18b). Distribution of meal tickets and parking tickets, caps, maps; presentation of the day's programme, security and confidentiality instructions.
  • At the Temple of Ani, preparation and cleaning of an enclosure and feeding of an elephant (with a local animal keeper).
  • On Nosy Komba, cleaning of the interior enclosure of the varis and feeding of the lemurs..
  • Visit the backstage of African wild animals and clean the inner enclosures of hyenas.
  • Cleaning and preparation of the pygmy hippopotamus enclosure.
  • Meeting with tapirs , observation of capibaras and giant anteaters.
  • Diner at l’Oasis
  • 15h00 : End of the day "keeper for a day" and free visit of the Pairi Daiza park.

Subject to change, depending on the mood and needs of our animals.

Soigneur d’un jour – Pairi Daiza

Monday to Friday, during the entire season

“Keeper for a day” programmes are arranged every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, during the season 2020.

For whom

For anyone over 14 years old. The maximum number of people per day is limited to 6.

Terms and conditions

€250 per person.

This price includes admission to Pairi Daiza, your parking ticket, a full meal at the Oasis (main course, dessert and a drink) and the services of a keeper who will provide you with all the information and anecdotes about the various species and Worlds in Pairi Daiza.


You should bring a pair of high boots, gloves, and clothing that is suitable for working with animals, even in rainy weather. Each participant must comply scrupulously with the safety instructions and the internal rules of the Pairi Daiza park. In case of non-compliance with these instructions, the Management reserves the right to terminate the activities at any time, without a refund. If veterinary intervention is required and for the welfare of the animals, the Management reserves the right to modify the programme.


Your registration is only valid if you use the online booking form, which you should send to us by email only to soigneur-un-jour@pairidaiza.eu and in accordance with the payment terms indicated. PLEASE NOTE!!! Subject to availability, and once your payment has been received, we will send you a confirmation email indicating the selected date from the three preferred dates. The total payment for the day’s activities is requested at the time of sending this form. Your participation will only be confirmed when this payment has been received. If your payment has not been received within 5 days from submission of your application, we reserve the right to consider it null and void.

Due to the current health crisis, the activity 'keeper for a day' will not be organized during this 2021 season.