This colossal marine mammal is quite an impressive appearance. From our rooms with underwater view you will be completely immersed in their biotope.

A unique experience

Sleeping at Pairi Daiza

  • The overnight accommodations are situated in the heart of the world The Land of the Cold

  • The worlds The Last Frontier and The Land of the Cold are open 24h/24 for resort-guests

  • Pairi Daiza opens for resort-guests at 9am (10am for day-guests) until the announced closing time of the park

Admire the walruses

Rooms with underwater view

With their glistening white walls and ice motifs, these rooms allow you to fulfil the dream of sleeping in a snow cave – while staying warm and snug. The rooms have amazing views of the walruses’ underwater world.

The blues, whites and greys of the materials and fabrics give your room an icy look, while their quality and softness ensure there’s no compromise on comfort.

You’ll also love the beautiful bedside tables and desk top in genuine white onyx. Additional warmth is provided by the golden hues of the brass used in the light fittings.

The bathroom also immerses you in a wintry world with its white walls and ice motifs. The gilded brass fittings add a touch of elegance and luxury.


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