As colourful as it is threatened

The Saint Vincent amazon is a large parrot (about 40-45 cm) endemic to Saint Vincent, an island to the south of Saint Lucia in the Lesser Antilles. Amazons are large members of the Psittacidae family. They live in South America and the Caribbean and have a fairly strong beak and short tail feathers, unlike the macaw. This species is vulnerable because its habitat is so small – the plains and rainforests surrounding the mountainous centre of Saint-Vincent. Measures to protect Saint Vincent’s national bird have been ineffective and deforestation, the impact of hurricanes and the trade in rare species pose a serious threat to its survival. The Saint Vincent amazon boasts brightly coloured plumage in gold, green and blue, has a violet tail with yellow tips and a characteristic white head. It feeds on seeds, fruits and insects. It builds its nest high up in natural tree hollows, where the female usually lays one or two eggs.

Identity Card

  • Name : Saint Vincent Amazon
  • Latin Name : Amazona guilingii
  • Origin :Island of Saint Vincent in the Lesser Antilles
  • IUCN Status : Endangered
  • Cites : Annexe I