The wonders of this world

The Last Frontier

A sacred land surrounded by the grandeur of nature, a place where you can now sleep and dream

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Indian totem poles carved with animal figures, brown bears, black bears, pumas, elk, wolves, beavers and sea lions...we are in British Columbia and southern Alaska. Unique hotel offers provide us with a wonderful experience in this New World, the Pacific coast of North America. Accommodation options in the heart of Mother Nature, for a rare and privileged communion with the residents of the Last Frontier. We are now citizens of Pairi Daiza!

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Grey Wolf

The grey wolf (also known as the common wolf) is the most widespread species in the canidae family, which is broken down into a number of subspecies, including those that live on the plains of Eurasia, in the forests of America, the mountains of Spain and Italy and…the domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris). The wolf is distinguished from the dog by its larger head, longer legs and straight tail.

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Steller Sea Lion

Steller’s sea lion (also known as the northern sea lion) lives along the rocky coasts of the North Pacific, with a range extending from California to Canada, Alaska, the Bering Strait, Kamchatka and on to northern Japan. It is the largest of all sea lion species. Adult males are 3 metres long and can weigh up to a tonne!

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