The wonders of this world

The Land of Origins

Africa, cradle of our civilisation. Rhythms, shapes and colours

In our collective imagination, Africa occupies a special place. Its evocative power is all-encompassing and its magic intact. Here we find big cats, majestic beasts and amazing primates. They have their territory and we have ours. But brotherhood was established, in the shadow of the huts of a builder people, virtuosos in ethnic art. We have everything to learn from the Country of Origins. This is where it all began, let’s never forget that.

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African Lion

The King of the Animals ... When it fixes you with its golden eyes, exuding power and majesty, one understands why it has been regarded as the King of the Animals. It is the largest of the felines, a large male being able to weigh up to 250 kg.

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Western lowland gorilla

The western lowland gorilla is an impressive primate which lives in tropical rainforests and wetlands, up to 1,300m in altitude, on the Atlantic side of central Africa. It is a quiet animal that is only aggressive when it is disturbed or threatened.

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