Picnic areas

The Garden is 75 hectares and there are many benches and rest areas to enjoy your lunch in complete safety.


Mökki is the gastronomic restaurant of Pairi Daiza. A lunch at the Mökki is the promise of an unforgettable taste experience where local and seasonal products are creatively prepared and elegantly served. At lunchtime you can enjoy a 2 or 3 course lunch of refined dishes. Please note that the Mökki is only open to visitors upon reservation.

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The Izba

The Izba is located on the edge of the Pairi Daiza lake in La Terre du Froid. This beautiful carved wooden structure inspired by Russian architecture is a cosy tearoom where you can enjoy ice creams, waffles, pancakes, milkshakes and hot drinks even at lunchtime. The pretty terrace is a welcome sight on sunny days.

Temple des Délices

Temple des Délices is an exceptional place where you can taste Chinese specialities. Hot and cold, a varied all-you-can-eat buffet is offered. The formula includes dessert! This magnificent building with its carved wooden frame inspired by that of a Taoist temple is as good as it gets.

The Brasserie

The Brasserie is the reconstruction of the monastery's brasserie, dating from 1775. In a warm atmosphere, you can taste traditional dishes such as a caramelised ham with honey and mustard, a bouillabaisse revisited by the Chef, a pure beef hamburger with Cambron beer, a roasted camembert, lobster ravioli, snacked octopus with chicory salad, raisins, citrus vinegar and also pizzas. Nice terrace along the Dender.

The Oasis

The Oasis is nestled in a giant 7,000 m2 tropical greenhouse. The tables are spread out in this paradise with a Mediterranean atmosphere. L'Oasis offers self-service Belgian specialities and grills. There are also desserts, cold dishes and children's dishes.

Le Moulin

The mill is located in front of the departure point of our steam train. It's a nice place with wooden tables where you can eat outside. You can find mainly filled sandwiches, soups and salads or taste the famous Cambron beer.

Thai Gourmet

Located in the heart of the Mersus Emergo, this Thai restaurant is an invitation to travel. In a jungle atmosphere, help yourself to an all-you-can-eat hot and cold buffet of starters, main courses and desserts that offers authentic Thai cuisine. Beware, authenticity means respecting the recipes. Even if some dosages have been adapted to our European taste buds, expect to eat spicy food, as if you were there. In this restaurant, everything is included (soft drinks, wines, beers and coffees). Weather permitting, you have access to a huge terrace overlooking the Land of Origins and Cape Austral. From the Thai Gourmet, you can also see the Pairi Daiza Foundation's refuge.

L’Orangerie – Pairi Daiza


It's the perfect place for a quick family lunch! In l'Orangerie, you can eat on the terrace while watching your children play in the playground. In this quality fast food outlet you can eat burgers and chips, salads and desserts.

Octopus Terrace

This small, well exposed outdoor eating spot is located opposite The Paddling Bear and offers a bird's eye view of the Steller Sea Lion Pool.  You can order hot and cold drinks and also hot dogs.