The wonders of this world

The Southern Cape

Antipodean mystery and intrigue

From these distant lands, the cradle of the world, rise strange cries and melodies that are unlike anything heard elsewhere. The soil is red, populated by creatures that appear to be straight out of prehistoric times. Feast your eyes on wildlife and flora from Tasmania, New Zealand, Australia and New Guinea and let yourself be overwhelmed by its wild extravagance and beauty. Covered with deserts or fertile lands, the Southern Cape is the story of the human adventure on the move.

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It has a dense fur, just as insulating as Arctic animals’ fur. It is one of the very rare animals that can feed on eucalyptus leaves and bark, vegetation that is toxic and very low in nutrients.

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Western Grey Kangaroo

The Western Grey Kangaroo is very common in much of Australia: its population is estimated at over 3 million individuals. It is not endangered, resembling the Giant Kangaroo: it is about 90 to 140 cm tall, with a long powerful tail.

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