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Red ruffed Lemur

Vari Rouge - Pairi Daiza

This russet-red lemur is exclusively arboreal

This splendid lemur, endemic to Madagascar, is exclusively arboreal. In the sunlight, its russet-red coat seems to be on fire! It lives essentially on fruit and leaves. The Red Ruffed Lemur measures approximately 50 cm but it has a tail of the same length. Its weight can reach 4.5 kg. The powerful calls and its olfactive traces, enable it to clearly mark its territory.

As the Red Ruffed Lemur is seriously threatened, efforts are now being made to protect its habitat in Madagascar.

Moreover, for the animals in zoos, a European programme has been put in place in order to avoid consanguinity. In this context, Pairi Daiza has been entrusted with a group of single males which are gradually transferred to various parks, when females are available for reproduction.

In Pairi Daiza

Two Red ruffed Lemurs

Two males, Fifi and Shane, are visible in our “Jardin des Mondes”.

Vari Rouge - Pairi Daiza
Identity card

An “endangered” species

  • Name : Red ruffed Lemur
  • Latin name : Varecia rubra
  • Origin : Masoala Peninsula, North-East of Madagascar
  • IUCN-status : Endangered
  • Cites : Appendix I

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