The Raptor exhibition

Raptor flight demonstrations are not organised at this time


Rapace - Pairi Daiza

You will certainly be impressed right from the start with the speed and agility of the eagles, buzzards, falcons, vultures and the condors

If you are lucky one may even fly right past your head and past your feet. This demonstration, with the impressive backdrop of the church, nave and the abbey towers, has long been of the favourite events at Pairi Daiza.

The amphitheatre also underwent major renovations to ensure that the spectacle can be enjoyed in considerable comfort. The falconers make every effort to ensure that you are as involved in the exhibition as possible. Seeing the falcons lurk in flight is true falconry art and it is also a wonderful opportunity to admire their skills up close. Eagles and vultures fly over the arena from one falconer to another. Their movements show stunningly precise timing.