Penguins are outsiders in the large bird family. Our large ice floe will welcome different species of penguins.

There are two types of rooms to observe these cheerful animals: rooms with standard view and rooms with underwater view.

A unique experience

Sleeping at Pairi Daiza

  • The overnight accommodations are situated in the heart of the world The Land of the Cold

  • The worlds The Last Frontier and The Land of the Cold are open 24h/24 for resort-guests

  • Pairi Daiza opens for resort-guests at 9am (from 10am for day guests) until the announced closing time of the park

An exceptional place to stay

Penguins as neighbours

The Penguin rooms transport you to the world of Antarctic explorers. When their boat became trapped in the ice, they salvaged whatever they could to create this very special place.

A unique maritime atmosphere is produced by the combination of stones and driftwood in shades of red, along with compasses, oil lamps, ropes and old nautical charts.

If you opt for the family room, you’ll love the nautical-style bunk bed and view of the penguins’ underwater acrobatics.

The other rooms have a passageway that runs along the windows, giving close-up views of the penguins as they swim by.

The natural, mineral decor of the bathroom is given a touch of warmth by the red shades of the driftwood and the antique gold look of the brass fittings.