The Oasis

Oasis – Pairi Daiza

Located in the Porte du Ciel

and more specifically at the Oasis the restaurant offers typical Belgian dishes in self-service. Nothing is better than eating among the birds.

Oasis – Pairi Daiza

The Oasis is a giant greenhouse (7,000m²)

whose roof opens in fine and warm weather and closes when the weather is gloomy or cold, but always lets in the light of day. Its restaurant is nestled in the lush forest and surrounded by exotic trees, cacti and flowers, with the susurrus of a waterfall, the cries of a rufous hornbill, overflown by a dizzying array of birds and, if you have the patience to look for it, a sloth hanging high above.

Find a variety of typical Belgian dishes (dumplings, vol-au-vent, etc. accompanied by fries) but also desserts, cold dishes and children's meals. Since the 2019 season, a sweet creperie has also opened in the Oasis.

Découvrez ici les menus de l'Oasis