Amazilia Hummingbird

Ariane de Lesson - Pairi Daiza

They must feed the quivalent of their own metabolism

The habitat of this bird is very large, covering the coastal mountains of Ecuador and Peru from urban areas to countryside and forest. This means the species is identified as common and does not appear threatened.

The Amazilia Hummingbird is one of 360 species of Trochilidae, commonly called colibri or hummingbirds. They live only in the Americas and are often very small (5 to 22 cm) but, relative to their size and weight, they have the biggest heart of all birds and a very large brain.

Their flight capabilities – backwards, hovering, etc. – are staggering: a heart rate of several hundred beats per minute, the blood highly adapted to oxygenate the muscles and a metabolism extremely high. This is why these birds must feed the equivalent of their own weight per day and consume lots of sugars which is mainly found in the nectar of flowers.

Ariane de Lesson - Pairi Daiza
Identity card

A less threatened species

  • Name : Amazilia Hummingbird
  • Latin name : Amazilia amazilia
  • Origin : Ecuador, Peru
  • IUCN status : Least concerned
  • Cites : Appendix II

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