The Timor Village

Le petit village de Timor – Pairi Daiza

Memorials in honour of Sumba

Memorials in honour of Sumba, images of Letti from East Timor, drums from Manggarai, horse sculptures and Javanese statuary. The congenial ducks and potbellied pigs complete the village. The cottages are fully derived from Timor, all sculptures were made by Nyoman, his reputation is unshakeable.

Le petit village de Timor – Pairi Daiza

The gazebos,

meeting pavilion and picnic pavilion in Pairi Daiza, were transformed on location by Indonesian craftsmen into a work of art. Their exceptional talent is best reflected in the portrayal of the holiest of animals, the elephant. Large and small, they are everywhere, on tree trunks, roots... One of the most skilled among them managed to carve 1,000 Buddha heads for a temple! Kamol Moolkonkaew, a pupil of Nyoman, one of the top references in Timor, frequently accompanied the artist delegations in Pairi Daiza. The wood sculptures, even on dead European trees, are surprising and so numerous that it is worth visiting the park just to behold them.