Hawaiian Goose

A terrestrial goose

Boat-billed Heron

A curious little heron

Blue-and-yellow Macaw

A large parrot

Andean Condor

The largest of the vultures

Snowy Owl

It has a insulating plumage

Yellow-headed Vulture

It is fairly small

Egyptian Fruit Bat

A very light flying mammal

Cotton-top Tamarin

An extremely rare little monkey

Red Kite

The cousin of the Black Kite

Nicobar Pigeon

A large bird of the pigeon family

Pallas's Squirrel

A rodent that is not threatened


The "secretary"

Chilean Flamingo

A large species of Flamingo

White-faced Saki

The “flying monkey"

Grey Mouse-lemur

Endemic to the large island of Madagascar

Painted Stork

It is part of the stork family

Black-tailed Prairie Dog

The little “engineer” or “architect”

Silvery-cheecked Hornbill

It has a huge geographical distribution

Roseate Spoonbill

A beak like a spatula

Java Mouse-deer

A close cousin to the giraffe

Greater Roadrunner

A popular bird

Sclater’s Crowned-Pigeon

A large pigeon

Salmon-crested Cockatoo

One of the largest cockatoos

Canada Goose

There are eleven subspecies of Canadian Geese

Grey-winged Trumpeter

It lives in the great Amazon rainforest

Hairy Armadillo

A South American Hairy Armadillo

American Kestrel

A tiny raptor

South American Tapir

Hunted for its thick hide

Spix’s Macaw

The parrot that will be reintroduced into Nature

Bearded Vulture

A huge and splendid vulture


A unique bird

African Fish-Eagle

It is also called "vociferous"

Moutain Caracara

A slightly different raptor

Eurasian Scops-owl

On of the tiniest noctural raptors

Hadada Ibis

It is not shy

Himalayan Griffon

One of the largest vultures of Asia

Dwarf Mongoose

The smallest carnivore of Africa

Cattle Egret

This Egret has experienced a spectacular expansion

Lesser Flamingo

The smallest species of flamingo

Aldabra Tortoise

The largest land tortoise in the world

Long-crested Eagle

A remarkable eagle

Crowned Hornbill

It is about fifty centimetres in size

Black Kite

An opportunist bird

Clouded Leopard

The unobtrusive queen

Two-Toed Sloth

A real leaf-eater

Southern Bald Ibis

A vulnerable South African bird

Lilac-breasted Roller

A colourful bird

Common Barn-Owl

A nocturnal raptor

Rufous Hornbill

The bird from the Philippines Islands

Giant Anteater

Giant Anteater

Bald Eagle

The bird represented on the coat of arms of the USA

Lyle’s Flying Fox

A large fruit-eating bat

Toco Toucan

The best known of all toucans

Scarlet Ibis

A bird with extraordinary colour

Radjah Shelduck

A bird from the Australian continent

Tufted Duck

A little diving duck

African Harrier-hawk

A bird of prey of average size

Eurasian Eagle-owl

One of the worlds’ largest owls

King Vulture

A splendid vulture

Papuan Hornbill

A part of the local population’s traditions


The one-humped camel

Sadle-billed Stork

A large bird


He is from the high plateaus of the Andes

Blue-headed Macaw

A little macaw

Turkey Vulture

A remarkable flyer

Naked Mole Rat

A truly exceptional rodent

Griffon Vulture

A big vulture

African Jacana

A beautiful bird

Southern Ground Hornbill

A large hornbill with a black plumage

Sugar Glider

A small “flying” marsupial

Red-legged Seriema

A bird from Brazil and Argentina

Mandarin Duck

An "ornamental" bird

Rüppell’s Griffon

A big threatened vulture


The largest rodent in the world

Eurasian Black Vulture

One of the largest diurnal raptors of Europe

Amazilia Hummingbird

A colibri

Black-chestes Buzzard-Eagle

Blue Chilean Eagle

Harris Hawk

A brown-feathered raptor

Luzon Bleeding-heart

Its name comes from the red “bloodspot” on the plumage

Striated Carcara

An intelligent bird

Greater Bird-of-paradise

The largest member of the Paradisaea genus

Short-beaked Echnida

A mammal about 50cm long

Little Egret

A lovely wading bird

Spectacled Owl

Not a strictly nocturnal raptor

Great horned owl

A highly impressive appearance

Northern Bald Ibis

It is also called Waldrapp Ibis

Lesser Bird-of-paradise

A sumptuous bird

Ural Owl

A beautiful bird

Green Aracari

Saint Vincent Amazon


Sulawesi Bear Cuscus

Wreathed hornbill

Purple Swamphen