Sleeping at Pairi Daiza

The overnight accommodations are situated in the heart of the new world The Land of the Cold.

The worlds The Last Frontier and The Land of the Cold are open 24h/24 for resort-guests.

Pairi Daiza opens for resort-guests at 9am until the announced closing time of the park.

The accommodation

The dark colours and rustic feel of these rooms transport you into the heart of the Taiga. To a Siberian forest, home of the shamans. But these dark colours don’t affect your sense of wellbeing. Your comfort is ensured by the quality of the materials and natural colours of the fabrics.

Entering the bathroom, you are engulfed in a natural, mineral atmosphere. An added touch of luxury and warmth is provided by the elegant antique-look brass accessories.

And from the window seat you have a wonderful view of the tigers.


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