1. Do I need a Covid Safe Ticket/Health Pass to visit Pairi Daiza?

Yes. From 1 November, the Covid Safe Ticket (CST), known as the “Pass Sanitaire” (Health Pass) in France, will be required for anyone aged 16 and over who visits Pairi Daiza. You will only need to show your Pass and ID card once, when you enter the Park. Wearing a mask is mandatory for everyone over 6 years old, indoors and outdoors. Also, we would ask that you continue to observe social distancing measures and that you are respectful of others.

2. What does the CST look like?

The CST is a certificate which comes in three different forms:

  • A vaccination certificate proving that you have been fully vaccinated (valid from the 14th day after the second injection, or the first injection in the case of the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine).
  • A certificate from a negative PCR test taken within the previous 48 hours, or a negative antigen test (rapid lateral flow test) taken within the previous 24 hours. The tests must be carried out by a legally authorised person.
  • A Covid recovery certificate issued no more than 180 days previously.

3. How do I obtain the CST?

The CST is available online. It can be downloaded by installing the CovidSafeBe app (https://covidsafe.be/en). You can also request a certificate by phone on 071/31.34.93.

4. What if I’m not from Belgium?

The European Covid Safe Ticket is valid for visiting Pairi Daiza. All visitors aged 16 and over will be asked to show it once, when they enter the Park.

5. What happens if I don’t have the correct CST when I get to Pairi Daiza?

If you don’t have the correct CST, or if you refuse to provide proof of identity, the government guidance states that we have to refuse you admission to the site. If necessary, we may even call the police.

6. Do I need to wear a face mask while I’m in Pairi Daiza?

Wearing a mask is mandatory for everyone over 6 years old, indoors and outdoors.

To keep everyone safe, we ask that all our visitors bring a mask with them and wear it before entering the Park (especially between the car park and main entrance and if you have to queue before entering the Park).

7. I want to spend a day at Pairi Daiza with a day ticket. Do I need to book my visit before travelling to Pairi Daiza?

Booking is not compulsory, although we strongly recommend that you buy your tickets online.

Book your visit

8. What about the car park, do I have to book that too?

Car park season ticket holders do not need to pre-book parking. Day visitors will be able to buy car park tickets in the Garden. However, to save you time and to limit contact, it is highly recommended that you buy it online together with your entry tickets to the Park.

9. Can I upgrade my day ticket to a season pass?

Yes. Once you get to Pairi Daiza you can upgrade your day ticket to a season pass, which will then be valid for the rest of the season. You only pay the difference between the price of the season pass and the price of the day ticket. This is only possible on the day of your visit. There is a special ticket office for this at the Park exit.

10. Are the restaurants open?

Yes. Our indoor and terrace restaurants are open. Upon entering the Park, you will be given a flyer that tells you which shops are open on the day of your visit.

11. Can I still feed some of the animals?

No. As a safety precaution, to prevent large groups from gathering and to maintain social distancing, public feeding has been suspended. Obviously you might still come across our keepers feeding their charges as you explore the Garden.

For health and safety reasons, the “Animal Adventures” and “Keeper for a Day” activities have also been suspended temporarily.

12. Can I bring a picnic to Pairi Daiza?

Yes, there are plenty of picnic benches and areas where you can enjoy your lunch.

16. Does the SNCB have special offers for travelling to Pairi Daiza by train?

Yes, the SNCB is offering a 50% discount on adult rail fares and free travel for children under 12. The Discovery ticket is valid between all Belgian stations and Pairi Daiza (Gare de Cambron). When you buy your ticket to Pairi Daiza on our website, the email confirmation you receive will include a unique SNCB code. This code entitles you to a discount on train tickets on the SNCB website (link to the SNCB’s Pairi Daiza Discovery Ticket page).

17. Puis-je venir à Pairi Daiza avec mon Bon-Cadeau « Abonnement » ?

Yes. But you have to transform this gift card first into a season pass and book your visit to Pairi Daiza. Transforming your gift card into a season pass is possible on our website/ the code on your gift card can be used to pay for your season pass. This is possible here: