Improve animal welfare

Malee - Pairi Daiza

Improve animal welfare

The Pairi Daiza Foundation aims to manage and protect nature reserves. In this way habitats can arise where endangered species feel at home and can be released.

The areas that we protect and manage:

  • Contain an irreplaceable and threatened biodiversity
  • Are located in Belgium or abroad
  • Enable recolonization by endangered species
  • Can also serve as new habitats in the context of our reintroduction programs

These protection measures are essential to enable natural recolonization by native animal species.

By 2020 we want to:

Contribute to the management and protection of sites in Belgium and abroad, with a total area of 10,000 hectares, and create space for recolonization by native animal species. These projects also aim to promote the socio-economic development of local communities, for example by supporting eco-tourism or sustainable agriculture.

Protéger, conserver et réhabiliter des habitats


The protection, conservation and rehabilitation of habitats, to make natural re-colonization of species possible

In addition to the pedagogical role of showing the wonders of biodiversity and sensitizing visitors, the Pairi Daiza Foundation wants to go further and give back to nature what it has given us, by developing reintroduction programs that meet the following conditions:

The program must have a positive effect on the ecosystem, without harming other animals or the environment. The consequences of the reintroduction must be acceptable to the various actors in society. The financial and human costs must be reasonable in relation to the benefit that it yields.

The animals we work with are:

  • The animals in Pairi Daiza that we can prepare for a reintroduction into the wild.
  • Animals classified at least as "vulnerable" according to the IUCN Red-List.
  • Animal species that are important for the survival of local communities.

By 2020 we want to:

Develop reintroduction programs for mammals from the Land of Origins, the ring-tailed lemurs from Nosy Komba, the fish from Cambron-by-the-Sea and the birds of prey from Cambron-Abbey. These projects go hand in hand with the protection of natural habitats and the fight against poaching and deforestation.

To be successful in the long term and to ensure that our projects are accepted by the local communities, every reintroduction program will be done in collaboration with the ‘locals’, by sensitizing them and showing them the positive economic consequences.

Reintroducing plants and animals into their natural biotope

L’Ara de Spix – Pairi Daiza

Reintroducing plants and animals into their natural biotope

"We can no longer tolerate that animals are put in cages and simply are being kept alive. Zoos have the responsibility to know the specific needs of each animal that they house and they should house these animals in the most suitable accommodation possible" ( M. Hutchins).

The Pairi Daiza Foundation is aware that living in zoos can have an effect on the behavior of animals. We analyze this behavior by describing, measuring and quantifying it and then proposing solutions to enrich the animal enclosures. Providing the animals with "distraction" is not enough, but the keepers and scientists should develop the most suitable habitat possible.

Our studies also relate to the protection of endangered species by developing remedies against diseases and by promoting the reproduction of these animals. These studies are the result of a collaboration between our caregivers and universities or research centers.

By 2020 we want to:

  • To be able to give guidelines to other European animal parks, based on concrete things that were realized in Pairi Daiza, to improve the living environment of the animals.
  • Actively participate in the fight against deadly elephant diseases.

Supporting scientific research

Recherche scientifique

A place where people can discover different cultures

Our "Jardin des Mondes" wants to be a place where people can discover different cultures.

By restoring heritage and by organizing temporary exhibitions, the Pairi Daiza Foundation wants to introduce the various cultural resources of our planet to the general public.

The first calls for projects will be published on our website in July.

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