A last frontier... before heading into the unknown? Let's not exaggerate. This geographical area ranges from British Columbia in western Canada to southern Alaska but is not a deserted place. However, 150 years ago it was still largely unexplored by the white man. It was the home of indigenous peoples, the Amerindians, the Indian tribes with wonderful names like the Kwakiutls, Nootkas and Haida.

They had to adapt to a hostile climate and live in wild and dangerous natural surroundings. These originally nomadic peoples gradually settled along the coastline of the North Pacific, where they fished for salmon, hunted big animals and gathered berries. They built a magnificent ecosystem that respected the environment that nourished, clothed and kept them warm during the long winter months. These native people were deeply spiritual and developed a sacred art, materialized in the form of large sculpted totems. These are dominated by animal figures: the raptor’s beak, raven’s wings, bears, eagles, killer whales – all representing different tribes and laden with ancestral beliefs.

The World of the Last Frontier plunges us into these cold lands of harsh winters; into these wetlands, traversed by the innumerable meanderings of tumultuous rivers; into these vast dark forests untouched by man; into these great expanses of moorland scattered with blueberries, cranberries or mushrooms with evocative names: morels and chanterelles. But the Last Frontier is also the territory of magnificent wild animals: brown and black bears, timber wolves, moose, white-tailed deer and pumas.

On land, sea and in the air, they are the ambassadors of a way of life and a piece of earth where freedom reigns in all its magnificence and daily life is tinged with great adventures. The Steller sea lion, the great Canadian beaver and the osprey are some of its dignified representatives. This fascinating universe, at the gateway to life and evolution, deserves more than just a quick visit! Now, for the very first time, Pairi Daiza is offering us a wonderful opportunity to stay in the very heart of this eighth World. Four types of accommodation, each more original than the next, will allow all of us to stay at the heart of a magical universe. This is in line with our philosophy, based on the deeply held conviction that: We have to profoundly change our relationship with nature.

Experience something truly unique, in buildings inspired by traditional British Columbian structures. The concern for authenticity is omnipresent, with a focus on beauty, natural comfort and incredible discoveries. Wood and stone reign supreme. The Hôtel Paddling Bear and his rooms and Lodges, Indian Native Houses and the Full Moon Lodges offer something to suit all tastes.