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Halloween in Le Jardin des Mondes

Between 23 October and 7 November 2021 Pairi Daiza will be immersing its visitors in a Halloween atmosphere accessible to young and old alike. A fabulous creative Halloween showcasing the artists/performers and legends of the park. An original programme with animations and shows to illustrate the traditions of the passage from life to death.

The program

Flowers by the thousand, pumpkins by the kilo, scarecrows everywhere, friendly ghosts, weird vampires, funny witches and amusing skeletons. For 20 days and 19 nights the gardens of Pairi Daiza will be sporting their autumn attire. The 7,000+ animals in the Jardin des Mondes will play host to mythical creatures and visitors who are warmly invited to stroll along the paths in their costumes. A happy Halloween which will lend an even more magical aspect to the park and which, on 23 and 24 October and from 30 October to 7 November, will showcase the creations and performances of 120 artists/performers each day.

Halloween 2021 in Pairi Daiza includes:

  • 52 events or creative spaces, 24 new features including 12 original animations and new shows;
  • 120 artists/performers each day on 23 and 24 October and from 30 October to 7 November.
  • 3 magical video mapping projections including a new creation on the lake featuring a water wall;
  • Music and concerts with 5 different groups over 11 days;
  • Original sets with mythical creatures, the work of local visual artists;
  • The two African volcanoes becoming active;
  • The participation of Belgian and French circus schools;
  • Halloween treats for the animals and “dishes from Hell” in the 30 catering locations.
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on 23 and 24 October and from 30 October to 7 November

Entertainments from beyond the grave

For Halloween, Pairi Daiza will give pride of place to artists/performers and to creativity, with 12 new attractions. Starting from 2 p.m., strange characters will be seen roaming around the park’s 75 hectares. Giant scarecrows, living trees and a choir of ghostly monks will entertain you with performances and songs from the other side, as well as a traditional African dance, the coffin dance.

The “3 Jeannes”, 2.5-metre tall zombie puppets in period costume, will evoke the park legend which tells of 800 bodies of noblemen buried in the Domaine de Cambron, not far from those of the 300 monks who were buried in their garden, in the open ground.

In the Oasis, the Biscotte and Brioche duo will put on a musical theatre show which will gently intrigue both young and old (suitable for age 3 upwards).

The Pyronix company will present its new show, Ragnarok. These acrobats and jugglers will impress with their mastery of fire and novel pyrotechnic effects. Vikings are central to their creation, in a hullabaloo of blazing effects and swirls of flames and sparks.

In total, for each day's entertainment, there will be around **120 artists/performers **alongside the visitors to Pairi Daiza to present these original artistic creations.

Photos spots & competitions

To make sure the Halloween period is a great time of festivities for its visitors, Pairi Daiza will be offering prizes of dozens of subscriptions and entry tickets. Visitors can enter five competitions:

  • The traditional pumpkin weight competition is back
  • The quiz about Animals (wrongly) seen as scary, helping us to learn more about the lesser-known animals in the park
  • The fancy dress competition open to all visitors who come to the park in costume. From October 30 to November 7.
  • The best-looking scarecrow competition (see below)
  • And the mythical creatures photo competition in which visitors can take selfies alongside huge mythical sets and creatures, the unique work of Belgian visual artists. The Dragon, the werewolf, the witch's cauldron, trying a coffin for size, the luminous Phantom or perhaps the Pandalloween of the 2021 poster: which one will take your fancy?

Magical video mappings

Audio-visual video projections have become an essential part of Pairi Daiza’s Halloween season. In addition to the two iconic locations of the Tour de Cambron and the ruins of the Abbey as well as the mini-farm, this year a water wall gushing out of the lake (near the Izba) will amaze visitors. This new creation on the water is an original poetic video mapping entirely given over to the monsters of the deep. Without a doubt one of the must-see creations in the park this autumn!

The animals are also joining in the fun

Of course, in the Best Zoo in Europe, the 7,000 animals will also be having fun throughout the Halloween period. They too will be entitled to their own special programme. The keepers will come up with Halloween menus and treats for them. Bats, elephants, lemurs, gorillas, hippos, lions, bush pigs, meerkats and more…. Lick your lips!

Dishes from hell

Pairi Daiza’s chef will be offering themed dishes and menus. Whether inspired by recipes from yesteryear or based on pumpkins and largely forgotten vegetables, there'll be something for everyone to enjoy.

Concours d'épouvantails : des abonnements 2022 à gagner !

Le traditionnel concours d'épouvantails signe son grand retour ! Cette année encore, Pairi Daiza invite les talentueux bricoleurs, petits et grands, qui se trouvent parmi vous. Un appel aux artistes en herbe ou confirmés qui souhaitent nous aider à décorer le Jardin des Mondes en créant... un gentil épouvantail. Les règles n’ont pas changé. A vos bouts de bois, tissus, feuillages et autres matériaux les plus originaux !

Les épouvantails, qui doivent mesurer entre un et deux mètres, peuvent être déposés à l’accueil de Pairi Daiza, chaque jour, entre 10 et 18 heures, du lundi 18/10 au dimanche 31/10 inclus. Le jury de Pairi Daiza aura la lourde et difficile mission de désigner les plus originaux et les plus réussis d’entre eux. En privilégiant le travail fait main, bien entendu ! Pour les 3 premiers, des abonnements et des tickets d'entrée sont à gagner !

Pour des raisons pratiques, ils ne pourront pas être repris par leurs créateurs ! Bonne chance à toutes et tous ! Et d’ores et déjà merci pour votre participation !

from 23 October

The gorilla's volcanoes come alive

From 23 October, in the Land of Origins, a world dedicated to the beauties of Africa, we can expect the two volcanoes of the Western Lowland Gorillas to start coming alive! As we have been feeling tremors for a few days, it’s likely that when night falls, the combination of water vapour and lights will breathe life into the two African volcanoes. Spectacular images in prospect!

Covid Safe Ticket

From the 1st of November onwards, the Covid Safe Ticket is compulsory in Wallonia. This means that the Covid Safe Ticket is required for all visitors aged 16 and above to visit Pairi Daiza.

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